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An association for prostitutes

By Ebele Orakpo

The Mile-Two-bound commuter bus inched its way through the Monday morning rush hour traffic and as is usual with Monday mornings, traffic came to a standstill at some point. The commuter bus came to a stop right in front of an old storey building that badly needed repairs. Sitting idly in the compound were women of easy virtue in their usual trade attire; clothes that leave nothing to the imagination.

“These ones no get work o. Early this morning they are already looking for men to destroy,” said Sam with a loud hiss.

“How could you say they have no job? They are practitioners of the oldest profession in the universe. Abeg, they are full-time professionals. They are already in their offices, ready for the day’s job,” said Joe.

“And what do you mean they are looking for men to destroy? It takes two to tango, you know. And by the way, why is it that whenever prostitution is mentioned, every finger points at women? There are male prostitutes too,” noted Rose.

“No mind them jare! It’s all about this chauvinistic tendency of the average male,” quipped Kate in response to Rose’s assertion.

“They are real professionals. They even have an association, National Association of Nigerian Prostitutes, NANP. So what are we talking about?” asked  Mary tongue-in-cheek.

“I read sometime ago that prostitutes in Sokoto State had called on officials of the Nigeria Immigration Service, NIS, Sokoto Command, to arrest and deport their counterparts from Republic of Niger and Togo,” informed Joe.

“Tell me you are kidding,” laughed Sam.

“No kidding. They are protecting their territory. It’s just like Nigerians going to the UK and getting all the jobs meant for the nationals. Of course, the nationals will protest. So that is what I think happened in this case,” said Joe.

“In fact, they said the foreigners were snatching their customers from them and also operating illegally in the country.”

“I think it’s jealousy. You know Nigerians love anything foreign, so they will always go for the expatriates, leaving the locals to suffer,” said Mary.

“Or maybe their services are cheaper. You know we like cheap articles,” said Sam.

“Yeah, and again, one of the local prostitutes, according to the report, said they wanted the expatriates out because they were spreading sexually transmitted diseases and that all of them were HIV-positive,” said Joe.

“Funny, isn’t it? See kettle calling the pot black!” said Rose.

“Ehn, let the foreigners form their own association too,” counselled Sam.”


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