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Is the threat by MOSOP to declare self- government for the Ogoni people justified?

By Alaine Elizabeth, Ann Mamilor, Udeh Sandra, Oluwasayo Hamzat

Mr Fabian Moses: If government has  refused to give them what they want,  then they are free to fight for their right;  after all, the oil is gotten from their land and, as such,  they are supposed  to be favored by  government.

The problem is not only about the Ogoni people, there are so many problems around the country;  the truth is that Nigeris has  no idea where  it is   heading to. See the issue of Boko Haram, it has become very disturbing since Jonathan was elected into office. So  I don’t see anything wrong in what the Ogoni  are trying to do since  government has  refused to heed to their call. I think it is better that everyone goes  his separate ways.

Miss Grace Jonathan: I don’t think it is justified because it won’t bring  any  change to the country. Yes, I know that when you’re  pushed to the wall, you’ll be forced to take action. But, in this case,  this is not the right thing to do. This action will only bring about more political instability, crippling of the economy and crisis in the country. There are other ways  this problem can be solved. Government, on the other hand, should   look into this issue by providing the  Ogoni people the basic amenities they need.

Mr Basil Okolie: If you put yourself in their shoes, what will you do?. Since oil is gotten from their land, government is supposed  to develop the community.  Now that government has  refused to do so, they have decided to take action they feel is best for their community to develop. Government  should  compensate them by giving them the facilities they need.

Democracy is for the people, but when the people are deprived of their right, then democracy is no longer for the people but for the government. So I think  government should see to it that this issue  is  resolved  once and for all.

Miss Ugonna Ejiogu: I don’t think its written anywhere in the constitution that a state or  a group of people can  have their own self-government;  so their claim  is really not justified. Nevertheless,  the people of Ogoni  have gone through enough problems without  government doing anything. Government  keeps  promising  to give them a better living condition and they never  kept the  promise. Maybe it is time for government to look into their case.

Mr. Obiora Mba: Government really shouldn’t bother these people. They have been pleading with the government to do something about  their plight  but all their pleas have fallen  on deaf ears. Now  the people of Ogoni have decided to take  their destiny  into their own hands. Their threat is justified.

Rosemary Okpor: Their threat is not justified because, ordinarily, it  is to let the Federal  Government hear them out.

They cannot have their own government being that it is uncalled for. Also I observed that  Rivers State government is not in support of it,so it is not possible.There cannot  be two governments in Rivers. Lastly, if the leader of MOSOP continues with the threat, he should be charged with  treason.


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