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Ejiro Okurame, Nuela Njubigbo star in ‘Nneka My Queen’

By Ayo Onikoyi

Amaco Production is all poised to hit the market soon with its newest movie ‘ Nneka My Queen’, a movie which brings more depth to the usual story of love.

The film which was shot in Asaba and directed by Ifeanyi Azodo  has a strong cast including Immanuela Njubigbo, Chinyere Nwabueze, Ken Erics, Charles Okocha (Jigga), Ngozi Ezeonu and Ejiro Okurame.

The story is centred around two lovebirds, Emeka and Nneka, who were doing just fine, madly in love with each other and had the support of their parents until Prince Ubaka arrived on the scene.

Now, Prince Ubaka is an unusual character, a man who has money to throw around and would go any distance to achieve anything he sets his mind on.

No sooner  he made his intention known to Nneka’s mother than things began to take another turn. Immediately Nneka’s mother changed her attitude towards Emeka and openly demonstrated her preference of Prince Ubaka to Emeka for Nneka’s hand.

Before Emeka knew what was happening he was framed. Nneka was forced to play along and soon  had no option but to leave Emeka.

Fate however came to redress the situation when Nneka was diagnosed of a kidney infection. Prince Ubaka’s fickle love came to fore as he bolted, leaving Nneka to her fate. Emeka came back on the scene and reclaimed his ‘queen’ and as they say one thing leads to another.


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