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Chips of the old block (2)

By Dele Sobowale

“My son is an adult”, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, Chairman of the PDP.

In a press release by his Special Adviser on Monitoring, Mr. Bernard Mikko, the former General Manager of the Nigeria Ports Authority, NPA, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, sought to distance himself from his son’s present predicaments.  Unfortunately for Tukur and Mikko, they missed the point entirely.

Let me start by turning the scenario around. Supposing Mahmud Tukur had been elected President of Nigeria or won the Nobel Prize; his father would have been too happy to be associated with him. Newspapers and electronic media will be filled with pictures of a beaming father embracing his son; instead of one hiding behind a paid “Master’s Voice”.

If a father will claim a son who covers him with glory; he should be man enough not to disclaim the son who covers him with shame. At any rate, from where did “adult” Mahmud Tukur develop his sense of right and wrong, if not his home primarily?

Unless Bamanga Tukur dissociates himself from his sons upbringing, the “defence” so far put up, on his behalf, is spurious – at best. And, is it not too early for the father to start distancing himself from the travails of the son; as if he knows more than we do? And why is it that every suspect named, so far, is a card-carrying member or financier of the PDP?

Mr. Mikko, who I refuse to address as “Honourable”, incidentally, offered his “defence” of Bamanga Tukur, a Muslim, by quoting from the Bible; not the Quran. He reminded us of Deuteronomy 24:16, which stated that “the son shall not be put to death for his children and the children for the fathers, every man shall be put to death for his own sin”.

Very clever; but not clever enough.  Mr. Bernard forgot the later admonition by our Saviour that “by their fruits, you shall know them”. Any set of parents who brings up maladjusted off-springs should be ashamed of themselves; and on no account will they expect to be totally exonerated from the evils they have done to the larger society by bringing up social misfits.

It is quite possible that Mr. Mikko did not know about the history of the Nigeria Ports Authority, NPA, when Alhaji Bamanga Tukur was General Manager. I do. If Mr. Mikko continues with that nonsense, I will tell him stories that will make Mahmud appear like a good “student”.  A word is sufficient for all of them – Daddy, son and defender.

Meanwhile, another interesting story is developing regarding one of the others accused of subsidy fraud. The wife of the former Chairman, whose son is also on the charge sheet, and a Presidential Adviser to President Jonathan as well, is standing surety to a defendant whose nationality is not even known and who might be guilty of identity theft as well.

For all we know the Alis might have been shielding an illegal alien and a possible fugitive from justice from another country and a security risk for years. Foreigners reading the script must be forgiven for assuming that this is a badly written Nollywood drama. The total absence of shame involved is mind-boggling; but typical of the leaders of the PDP.

When volume one of my book PDP: CORRUPTION INCORPORATED was being researched, I had a mountain of documents which would have indicted almost everybody who was at the National Executive Committee of the PDP, everybody who ever occupied Aso Rock or the position of Minister or Special Adviser, everybody who ever headed or was on the board of a major parastatal of the Federal government and all of their financiers (without exception) since the Obasanjo administration.

Some families had three entries – the man, the wife and a son or daughter.  Just wait for part two. Anybody who thinks that fraud at the Nigeria Ports Authority stopped because Bode George was jailed must have rocks where brains are supposed to be in his head. Unijankara people can tell you, authoritatively, that it never stopped and it is still going on today.

There was nothing that top officials of the PDP touched that was/is not tainted with corruption. “Fish rots from the head”, says an old adage, still ringing true till today. The corruption in the Nigerian system starts from the Presidency and it will not be adequately addressed until we get honest people into Aso Rock.



Presido, it’s not a surprise dat Jonathsn govt can’t provide jobs. D over 300 youths dat worked at GOODLUCK/SAMBO CAMPAIGN ORG are currently roaming d streets without jobs, despite many pleas, no one has come to our plight. After all d promise 2 us .

We were assured of employment after the elections; thus were placed on N30,000per month whn most practically worked 24/7. D worst was dat we were chased out of office after d election without pay 2 months pay on the pretext of a bomb scare. Till 2day we hv written 2 d various pple but no response. Even some dat did d magic at the northern states were not left out of dis treatment…..Chika.

Chika wrote a few other things which for his own sake will not be published. But, if the young man is reading this article, I want to tell him a short story. When, last year, I was campaigning on these pages against the election of Jonathan, one of the rejoinders sent to me was from a young man working for the GOODLUCK/SAMBO CAMPAIGN ORG.

He not only abused me but told me that Jonathan would put people like me to shame. I politely told him to wait and see what would happen to all the promises Jonathan was making to Nigerians about job creation. A month ago, the young man, now unemployed, sent me a message to apologise and asked me to help find a job. My answer to him was straight forward. “Go to Jonathan; he promised you jobs; you voted for him”.

“As you make your bed so you will lie in it”, said another old adage. Nigerians cannot elect a Jonathan and expect a Clinton, Obama or Lee Kuan Yew or Mandela or Kuffor. We deserve the insult; and those who helped to elect Jonathan should not complain. They got what they wanted; and got us into this mess.

Commonsense is not common; that is why the majority of Nigerians have consistently voted against their own interests. Then they regret their decisions – until the next elections. Of all those who voted for Jonathan last year, the most pathetic are those Action Congress, ACN, people, in the Southwest, who joined in the foolishness.

Now their media organs will not let us rest with horrible stories about Jonathan. I read their columns and their cartoons and laugh at them. If they were so intelligent why did they vote a disaster into office?


Do not say I told you. Let’s keep this a secret between us, OK? One of your permanent secretaries was seen at a gathering of free-loaders, called “First Ladies” in Abuja. The same P.S has also been goofing off and has not been seen near Yenagoa since she was sworn in by you.

Why, don’t you pay a surprise visit to the Secretariat one morning and after locking the gates ask your Permanent Secretaries to assemble. You will soon discover the one I am talking about; the one collecting salary without doing the work. I think it is despicable.

But, do not say I told you. Let’s just keep it a secret between the two of us. Yeye dey smell


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