By Kate Henshaw
The only thing that is constant is change. That phrase has been used in different scenarios where one finds his or herself,and believe it or not, it is true. When we are born as babies into this cruel world, we evolve quite quickly over time into full grown adults (as it is often said also “na only for belle, pikin dey tay”).

The cares of this world are suddenly very important to your very existence. No longer are you molly cuddled by your father and mother especially; you literally have to find your way, make your mistakes and find your rhythm. Such is life and then you die. People move on, things change, life happens.

Coming off a well deserved holiday, I always dread returning to the place I call home because 9 times out of 10, something always goes wrong right from the arrival at the airport! You manage to come through that and then head home where of course more calamities wait.

Your feet do not touch the ground and you are yet to catch breath before an endless list of mishaps is presented to you.

Your cook forgot to restock the kitchen and then wait for it…..there is no cooking gas so you do not have anything in the house to eat and refresh your tired  bones, or more importantly, your electricity bill has not been paid, diesel is yet to be supplied and you have to sleep in the dark whilst listening to the steady and noisy lullaby of the mosquitoes.

There are so many other scenarios I could reel out and at least one person would identify with it. It does not just bear thinking.

Before jetting out on holiday, I decided to move house, somewhere smaller with a better road network. Things are of course scattered all over the place,and I am yet to find everything till today.

Friends I have complained to, have told me to take one day at a time but I am a perfectionist, I want everything in order,and if I had a magic wand, without hesitation I would use the famous magic words “abracadabra” and hey presto it would all be done with a swish from my wrist.

The initial dread of packing up was eased when I was recommended a removal company who offered different packages depending on one’s monetary capacity. I was pleasantly surprised to know that such a service existed here in Nigeria. I had my doubts but I was assured after the call I put through to their office as they sounded quite professional.

A young man was sent out few days after to take note of all that was to be moved and noted if stuff was fragile or not so they knew exactly what type of materials to come with.

Still, the day approached and they were on time, I must confess and swiftly went to work with their cartons, cello tapes, foam,labels etc, to protect one’s property from damage. They went to work and by late evening, all that I needed to move had been placed in the appropriate place in my new abode. They received their payment and I bade them goodbye.

The next day I started to remove stuff from cartons bit by bit in a particular section of the house where they had been labelled and dropped off which was quite exhausting I must say. I would take a few minutes to rest and then continue. I now noticed that a few of my things were nowhere to be found.

A further search showed that I was neither dreaming nor confused about their whereabouts. I promptly called the company (name withheld) and complained. They sent their manager back to me to ascertain my findings, a report was sent back to the company.

The matter was reported to the police station, I was paid a visit by an Inspector along with all who were involved in the removal. Another search was carried out which yielded no fruit, everyone was now officially a suspect and they were arrested. After a day or two of interrogation, they were released on bail. I must say that I was gearing up for a fight to recover my lost property but I should not have bothered.

The owner of the company promised to replace every item that was lost. In Nigeria..? Shocking but true and it reinforced my hope that there are still a few honest people out there who conducted their business in a credible manner.

Though inevitable, a change of any kind be it relationship, abode or work is never easy. Moving house is the most harrowing experience I have gone through and I do not wish it on my worst enemy. With that in mind, when push comes to shove, needs must.


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