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Private tutors, enemy within


UNKNOWN to many parents, lesson teachers as they are popularly called, can be the first turning point in a child’s life. Children stand greater chances of being molested by their private tutors most especially the female child.

It is most advisable for parents to get private teachers for their children between the ages of three and ten because at puberty, it can be very dangerous for girls.

This brings us to the story of a 13-year-old girl who had a lesson teacher. While preparing for her common entrance examination, her mother who was a business woman got her a tutor to teach her the basic syllabus for the exams. His name was Sam and she called him Uncle Sam.

She had a brother who was in a boarding house, and whenever she comes back from school, she used to be home alone, as mother used to be in the shop and comes back late at night.

When it was time for the tutor to teach her about puberty, he told her that if a girl is at that stage in life, she will grow hair in her private part and armpit and told her to open it for him to see and that was how everything started. The day he finally had her, he told her not to tell her mother and gave her some drugs to subside the pain and that was how she lost her moral and social values.

At a time, she stopped calling him Uncle Sam but by his first name. By the time she wrote her Junior WAEC, she was already on top of the game. All thanks to the lesson tutor. Also it was discovered in a neighborhood that a private tutor asked his four year old student to go and steal from their parents.

This trend is also peculiar to corps members that are usually posted to secondary schools for their compulsory one year NYSC scheme. It has been reported that some of them lure teenagers to bed and later deny it on completion of their service year. Although it’s not all parent that share such experiences with people as they see it as an embarrassing situation.

“There are several factors that parents need to consider before getting a private tutor for their children. Such factors include, knowing every possible detail about the person to employ; he should be a person with good religious and moral values; it should be a strictly outdoor affairs and the lesson should be supervised by any member of the family,” opined Mr. Kelechi Madu, a civil servant.

Also, other parents who spoke about this issue had these to say. According to Mr. Michael Joe, a resident of Green Estate, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos and father of two said he doesn’t buy the idea of getting a private teacher to teach his children because children tend to learn faster when they are with their peer group. So he prefers they go out and mingle with other kids.

Ada Obi a mother of one and a primary school teacher said she has never had such experience before and has no idea but there was a time she heard about such in a radio station, Wazobia Fm.

According to her, the scenario happened at Egbeda. “I single-handedly took care of my child until he was a year old before enrolling him in school. It’s far better to enroll a child in schools owned by churches,” she held.

For Mrs. Florence,  a civil servant, she can decide to get one for her children but she will use it for charity. “I can decide to allow other children come and gain from it but not only my own children.” This according to her gives room for competition and they learn better when they are together.

However, Mr Sam Igwe, a newspaper vendor thinks getting a private tutors is a good idea because “they help fill the gap left by the school and teachers.”


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