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Nigerian wonder

By Iretiola Doyle

I really wanted to have fun with the on-goingOtedola/Lawan saga this week. Pretty intriguing stuff this ‘mysterious case’ of the six hundred thousand dollar bribe. Everybody is sounding a little ‘off’.If this truly was a sting operation by security agencies and the money was marked as alleged by Mr Otedola, why wasn’t Honourable Farouk Lawan not arrested at the point of collection and the money retrieved by said agencies?

Then, bribery is a criminal offence no? Yet, rather than report the case immediately to the police, ‘Honourable’ informs the police that the “subject matter was referred to the relevant Committee of the House of Reps for further legislative action.” Ugh?  It’s not a legislative matter; it’s a criminal offence; that’s not procedure.

Now of the three key players in this unfolding drama the police seem to be the ones who’ve kept their eye completely focused on the ball.

They just simply want to ‘retrieve’ the money – for evidence of course! I mean, who ends a written summons to appear before a special task force looking into a serious case of fraud with “accept the best wishes of the Inspector-General of Police please.”?

Frankly speaking? They’re all stupid people. Perhaps they are to serve as a mere distraction from the current hot button issue.On a different day I would have had a ball punching holes through all their stories, but I can’t because I can’t get the Dana air crash out of my head.

Their low level shenanigans are not a big enough distraction I’m afraid. It’s there, not quite at the back of my mind, it’s on the periphery of every thought, I can taste it on my palate, and it won’t go away.  Though we try to pick up the pieces and carry on like we do each time, shrug it off, lay all blame and responsibility at God’s feet and carry on like it was ‘just a small bump in the road’; I suspect that this one won’t go away….

Some things just haunt you forever till justice is done; like June 12. Nineteen years on and we still can’t live it down still can’t get past it. It is an issue that has to be dealt with… a conversation that must be had,if not today; somewhere down the road. They’re just postponing the eventual day.

Already it’s looking like they want to handle it in their usual wishy-washy manner. Are they really going to allow this one go the way of all investigations into previous air mishaps?It’s been over a week, what are the findings? Why hasn’t anyone been arrested?

It is amazing how fast Nigerian officials apply ‘international standards’ when it suits them. There is an international convention of the ICAO preventing the AIB from publishing information as is from a plane’s black box abi? No wahala. I wonder what the international convention has to say about flying defective planes.

I wonder what the ‘international standard’ is for penalizing such gross negligence. Did anybody remember to look that part up? No I guess not. They should carry on. This is the one that will hook them for throat like fish bone. They should go ahead and try to bury this one deep; there are too many dead bodies; it won’t stay buried.


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