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Nigeria being raped by her caretakers (2)

By Ebele Orakpo

This is why almost all contracts are either abandoned, half-done or done with the cheapest possible materials. This matter goes to the very soul of our country and is far bigger than Otedola and Lawan,” said Tim.

“I still believe it was a set up and he fell flat. Remember he was part of the Integrity Group in the House of Representatives that fought tooth and nail for the removal of Mrs. Patricia Etteh. I think it’s pay back time,” said Okey.

“Honestly, I watched the video and saw how the guy was stuffing dollar bills into his clothes and cap, it would have been a comic relief if not for the enormity of the offence and its attendant consequences,” Tim noted.

“That’s why I keep saying they should stop setting up all these useless committees and probe panels. The offenders know how to get out of trouble,” stated Mustapha.

“It all boils down to poverty,” said Jide.

Said Mercy: “I beg to disagree. Are these people poor? It is greed and wickedness, pure and simple! For every naira stolen from our coffers, thousands of Nigerian youths are denied employment, housing, good roads, potable water, education etc. And these greedy people forget that with all their wealth, they are not safe in this kind of society where a few are super rich, not through hard work but thievery, while majority are wallowing in abject poverty.”

“Exactly!” agreed Tim. These same people they are depriving will rise up against them. If only the Boko Haram guys will fight the right people, all the looting will stop and the craze for public offices will die a natural death. They will think twice before stealing.”

“The most annoying part is that they get all these billions to steal, yet cannot pay N18,000 minimum wage. What is N18,000 to a single person in today’s Nigeria, not to talk of a family person? These are the kinds of things they see and decide to carry guns, knowing that hard work does not pay in Nigeria,” noted Dan, rather sadly.

“But on a more serious note, who are we going to trust in this nation? Farouk Lawan has been the arrowhead of the Integrity Group and I thought he was incorruptible and smart enough to know that those who live in glass houses should not throw stones,” noted Jide, to which Dorcas replied: “It’s either he is super corrupt or he was charmed, African magic, you know.”

“Oh really? Charmed into asking for bribe to cover evil? No way!” said Charles.

“Otedola said his hands are clean and I ask, if his hands were clean, why did he accept to offer bribe? So many questions begging for answers,” said Nike.

“They said he was told to play along just to nail Lawan. The bottom line is that they want to discredit the entire report, period!” stated Okey.

“In fact, they have killed Nigeria,” lamented Abel.

“No! They cannot kill Nigeria. They have been stealing and stealing and yet, the country has refused to die,” said Dorcas. “Yes, but it is neither dead nor alive,” responded Mustapha.

“Reminds me of the story of a couple who went for their town’s meeting. At a point, they asked all the widows to stand up probably to give them some form of assistance. The woman stood up with others and the man stood up, took her hand and tried to pull her down and she shouted: “Please, leave me alone. Do you call this thing you are living life? I am not better than these widows.”


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