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Nigeria being raped by her caretakers (1)

By Ebele Orakpo

I weep for this nation. Our lawmakers are no longer making laws but spend precious time and tax payers’ money probing members who have broken the law,” said Mustapha.

“My brother, it’s unbelievable! How will this nation move forward when all those in whose care she has been placed are ravenous wolves, milking the nation dry?” asked Jide.

“Milking? That’s mild. It’s a rape on our economy,” noted Mustapha.

“When OBJ called them house of thieves, he knew what he was saying. He had evidence and they were foolish enough to ask him to produce the evidence, and he did that through Femi Otedola,” stated Dan.

“That guy should be arrested. The giver and the receiver are guilty,” stated Jide, to which Tim, who has been quiet all along said: “Yes, he should but the point that everyone is missing is the rot that has eaten into the fabric of the nation. To begin with, Lawan had no business going to Otedola’s house. He had no business stuffing the money into his clothe and his cap.”

“So where would he have stuffed it. In my cap?” asked Iyke, laughing.

Continued Tim: “It’s no joke. He had no business lobbying his colleagues and getting Otedola exonerated the same day that he collected the bribe. I wonder why this fact has not been seized upon by the Nigerian press.”

”All of them should be arrested and prosecuted,” repeated Jide.

“Otedola could be culpable but clearly that is not the issue at hand.

If Otedola could be exonerated by Lawan and his cohorts after allegedly paying $500,000 bribe, how can any reasonable person vouch for the integrity of the report?”

“By the head of the Integrity Group for that matter,” joked Stella.

“That is precisely the point! These people have gotten what they are looking for. They want the report discredited so that we will never know the whole truth,” noted Ini.

“I think they can still work with the report. Let the names of all those who have been expunged from the list as a result of bribery, be brought back and we can go on from there. If not, we will never get anything done,” counseled Uche.

Said Iyke: “That is what is really annoying me with these Boko Haram people.

Why are they targeting innocent people and not these crooked politicians and their cohorts who, through corruption, are sending millions of souls to early graves?”

”I wish it will be drummed into the skull of our leaders that for every kobo they steal from our coffers, thousands of Nigerians are going to be affected negatively. The money they should use to fund education, provide basic infrastructure and generally make the environment conducive for the people, a few people are spiriting them away. It’s pure wickedness!” stated Dan.

”I still believe that this is a set up,” said Okey.

“As much as I want to believe that this is a setup, the point is that you can only set up a thief and corrupt individual. Our entire legislature has become a joke. As a contractor, it is virtually impossible to be awarded a contract by any government parastatal in Nigeria on merit. All contracts are hijacked by legislators who then resell them to contractors for upwards of 40% of contract cost,” he posited.


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