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Muslims urged to spend more in the way of Allah

The Iya Adinni of Addo Kekere, Ajah, in Eti-Osa, Lagos, Alhaja Rahmatallah Ajoke Adenopo has completed the building of a mosque at Odolayanra, Ogun state (the Iya Adinni of Addo Kekere, Ajah,Eti-Osa, lagos) who built a mosque at Odolayanra, Ogun state. The mosque which was recently commissioned amidst pomp and pagentry witnessed large turn-out of Muslims just as she used the occasion to celebrate her 60th birthday, thanking Allah.

Clerics who attended the occasion however called on other well meaning Muslims to memulate Alhaja Adenopo in building mosques for the muslim umah.  Among those who made this call was the Director of Foundation for Islamic Guide, Alhaji Haruna Razaq  who stated that rather than being exravagant in the celebration of birthday, such guesture of building a mosque is more rewarding here on earth and in the hereafter.

Ask Your Imam: Is shaving the beard off a sin?

As-salaamu alaykum.It is recommended (mustahab) in Islam to grow a beard, and it is allowed to shave it off only when it is necessary (e.g. medical reasons, etc.). Not growing a beard is not considered a sin but it is  recommended.

Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) ordered the Muslim men to shave their mustache and leave the rest of the beard grow. It is also a Sunnah for a Muslim man to trim his beard, i.e., remove the excess hair that may be sticking out or looking odd and unkempt. Keeping beards must come with utter neatness. This is the position of the majority of the Muslim scholars.

I must also say that the condition to shave if off when it becomes necessary is not the same as not to have it.  Like I said earlier, it is recommended to grow beards and not a sin if a muslim decided not to grow beards.


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