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Mercy Lord!!

The downside of my day job is that when things get intense that  make-believe world can become my reality and other than close family members and their needs (oh my kids are guaranteed to bring me down to terra firma with a bump!) very little else penetrates.

So I can go days, sometimes even weeks without seeing a newspaper headline. Then one day it’ll occur to me and I’ll get myself the backlog to keep abreast. When I do, I find much hasn’t changed while I ‘was away’; it’s still the same shit different day.

The characters and names might differ but the situations are still the same. There will be a bit more looting, a few more ‘fact-finding’ committees  would have hit dead ends,  a few more crooks would have been given a ‘soft landing’, a few more expatriates would have been kidnapped,(not to mention Nigerians suffering the same fate), the Federal Government has signed yet another multi-billion naira power deal, another fake pension account  has been found –by the Senators no less! A consensus candidate is again tearing the consenting parties apart – like I said; business as usual.

All that aside, one headline that never fails to hit me in my solar plexus  whether it’s splashed across the front page or tucked away on page 56 beside the classifieds is the wanton killing going on a daily basis in this country. Are we for real?! People are being slaughtered in this nation like they are chickens… the majority of these; murdered in cold blood.

Ehn?!You read of entire families being wiped out… villages being sacked… women and children… in cold blood.

This is an orgy of madness; surely we’re under some diabolical spell. We think corruption is our problem? All that innocent blood crying out for vengeance is a major part of the reason we’re still in the wilderness. Meanwhile our chief security officer is busy politicking and pretending to manoeuvre in a game he obviously is not very conversant with.

Karma is a bitch. It will come round and bite us in the collective ass. We are all culpable one way or the other; either by commission or omission. At least the evil doers have chosen a clear and distinct side. It is the ones, who do nothing and say very little; people like you and I who sit back and let it happen…pretending not to know what’s going on…content in the false security that ‘it’s not happening in these parts’. And if it does; what? What will you do?

I don’t think that we can carry on such little regard for human life and expect to make progress as a nation. We act like a nation is a bunch of abstract systems and concepts forgetting that a nation is first and foremost a people. And for as long as those fancy concepts and complex systems have no direct bearing on the everyday lives of these people; we shall continue to miss the mark.

Between supposed Fulani herdsmen, Boko Haram and other groups of their ilk not to talk of the armed robbers, there is a constant stream of innocent blood flowing through this nation…. How we must provoke the Lord…

Lord… have mercy!!


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