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A Muslim and Dua’a

By Ishola Balogun
Bismillahi Rahamani Raheem.  Wasalatu wasalam ala seyidina Muhammad, wa ala alihi, wa ashabihi, wasselim.

Many a times, the needs and desires that we put forth are not immediately granted.  Yes, we pray today and we want the result tomorrow, we wish that the relief we sought be immediately fulfilled, but sometimes. We fail to understand that Al-might Allah who is All-Aware, All-Knowing knows what is better for us and at every tick of a second, He manages the affairs of mankind in this world without any confusion.

The multitude of voices crying to him every minute world_over will not in any way distort His hearing, let alone affect the acceptance of individual prayer.  So, if there is no manifestation of your prayer, it is not as though it was not accepted but Allah knows best.

He knows what is better for us. Your prayer for that particular thing which appears not given is rewarded inspite of the believe that something better had taken its place.   We find many reassurances throughout the Quran on dua as listed above.

Aisha (r.a) also related from Prophet that  “No believer makes Dua and it is wasted. Either it
is granted here in this world or deposited for him in the Hereafter as long as he does not get frustrated.” Fervent prayers, with vigour and steadfastness will help in getting result.  The Qur’an says: “Seek help with patience and prayer”.

The potency and productive capacity of prayers depend on the strength and activity of the supplicant. At least, we know that the divine promise that “Call me and I will answer you”  must be fulfilled.

Conditions for acceptance of Dua

Avoid all those things Almighty Allah has forbidden. Let your lifestyle show a Muslim who adheres to the dictates of Allah.  Avoid food, clothes, business activities that are harram.  Although, we cannot claim to be free of sins, we commit sins every day; the barrage of trials which most times caught us napping and drag us into sinful acts should be atoned for, first, before making your request.  Allah is the Most_Forgiving.

Offer your salat regularly.  One of the things salat does to a Muslim is bringing him closer to Allah.  Once a Muslim gets closer to Allah, his prayers will immediately be answered. Offering the five daily prayers as and when due is more or less a ticket for the acceptance of dua.

Faith: The more you believe in the potency of prayers, the more the rewards.  It must also be done with sincerity of purpose.  We have learned and heard from scholars that faith in whatever you do will go a long way to making things happen.  The believe that your prayer will be answered as you intensify on it is another magical way of getting istijabah (acceptance).

Recitation of the supplication with dedication of the heart and submissiveness is important.  The heart should melt and the soul flow at the Divine threshold with pain and anxiety instilled in it as you make your request to Allah.

Patience and steadfastness is another condition. Perseverance while making dua is important. One should not be discouraged and give up praying as a result of delay in the manifestation of the prayer, the supplicant should rather  intensify in his prayers.

Example of a person who planted a seed, kept watering it, and when its growth was slowed, he abandoned it and lost everything.  At that point, he needed to continue to nurture it until he sees the result of his labour. The harder you knock at the doors of Allah, the more you become loved by Him.

Avoid evil deeds and do not make prayers to sever family ties or cause disaffection between friends and lovers and make legitimate request.

Recommended times for making dua.

Between the time of Adhan and Iqama, at the first and the last third of the night, the fajr period, when it is raining,  Ramadan (especially Lailatul Qadr), after the Fard part of prayer, when breaking fast, in Sujood during superrogatory prayers, Fridays after Asr prayer, on the day of Arafat, tahjud, etc.


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