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I am careful with men – Blossom Willie

Blossom as she is fond-y called by family and friends, radiates a young and aspiring Nollywood actress. She’s full of life and wouldn’t hesitate to tell anyone that she’s the last child of a family of eight.

For her, her journey into acting wasn’t by accident but one she’d known from a tender age. In this encounter, Blossom’s speaks on her background, her journey into acting and many more.

Family background


I come from a family of eight; my parents, four boys, two girls of which I am the baby of house (last child). It’s fun being around my elder ones.

As the last child of the family, growing up was fun. I was loved by the family and my mother could hardly sleep a night without me. I can’t stop thanking God for giving me such a wonderful father. I truly love them for showing me so much love, care and attention. In fact, I wish I was still that little girl because I had so much fun. I was born into a Catholic family and was trained to be God fearing. I was thought to respect my elders and as such I respect everyone I come across.

Educational background

I attended Regina Ca Eli Nursery and Primary School in Obubra L.G.A, Calabar. After my primary education, I attended the prestigious Regina Pacis Modern Secondary School Ofumbongha where I had my S.S.C.E. There after, I proceeded to Abia State Polytechnic were I had my National Diploma in Accounting. Presently, I’m a final year student of  H.N.D Accounting in the same university.

My journey into Nollywood

It all started when I was watching a movie produced by Divine Touch. There was an advert inside the movie that said anyone interested in acting should contact an address on the screen.  So, I said to myself that it was actually time for me to blossom. Then, I went for the audition and I scaled through all the tests. That was how I was given a role in my first movie. From the outset, I already knew I would go into acting. But at some point, I lost it. However, I’m glad that I’m back to do what I know how to do best, acting.


My challenges

The movie industry is a very challenging one. The stress is in moving from one location to the other and trying to fit oneself into different characters.

Nothing good comes easy. So it hasn’t really been easy, especially for an upcomer. But I’m sure with one step at a time, I’d get to where I’m aiming which is the top.

My family has been a great support to me especially when I needed them the most. They understood my passion and have been helping me through it. My friends, loved ones and mentor have played vibrant roles in the course of achieving my goals as an actress.

My most embarrassing moment

I’ve not really gotten myself into any mess. So, I can’t say that I have experienced any embarrassment in my life. It’s good to be watchful and think before doing anything in life.
Bu if given the second chance to do better some  things I did wrong, I’d pray God to make me run into those people I’ve wronged because I can’t wait to show them how sorry I am for not being a better me then.

Lesbianism in the movie industry

Well, I can’t really say whether there are lesbians in the movie industry or not. What I know is that I hear stories that they exist but I haven’t come across any because none has approached me. I think it all depends on how one presents herself . For me, I am morally upright and I try as much as possible to stay out of trouble and bad friends. So, I have never met any of them.

I think it’s unfair to say actresses are wild and can’t make better wives. Being wild is not as a result of the job you do. It all has to do with the mind set of the person. If an actress chooses to be wild then, she’ll be wild. And far as I’m concerned, I can proudly count numbers of Nollywood stars who are happily married today. I think that some men are pretenders. Why can’t they own up whenever they find good qualities in actresses, why do they always have to point to the bad eggs?  There are actresses with good qualities and if any man decides to let go of his ideal woman on the basis of rumours that all actresses are wild, then, it’s not fair.

Coping with men

Well,it’s a normal thing to find men swaming like bees around beautiful women. If I must say, one needs to be very careful with the kind of choice we make so we don’t lose it. And I think I’m trying in my little way to be careful with men.

My ideal man must be hard working and humble. He must have nice dreams and vision and he must be God fearing which is very important to me.

I’ll choose love above money because money will come through hard work, consistency and deligence.

If God keeps me alive in five years time, I will be everywhere making waves.


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