My poor beloved country… our own dear native land… nothing captures the craziness of these times like the cover page of one of our local dailies during the week.

On it, was a picture of two of the soldiers who were so ‘fatigued’ from maintaining the peace in “war torn” Lagos, that they removed their boots in order to better stretch out for an afternoon catnap… and this, while Kano was burning…literally. Who makes these calls?

Are the powers that be still politicising this phenomenon called Boko Haram? Even if it did begin as someone’s privately funded army, I dare say Mr Paymaster, whoever he/she/they are, has lost control. It has become a hydra-headed monster consuming everything in sight.

And against this new backdrop we still have all our original problems – ASSU, PHCN, NNPC, PPMC everything… and the price of petrol is still N97 per litre… .

In the face of all that what is all this side talk about the protest becoming tribal? Really, that’s the spin? Somebody is actually going to dismiss the struggle as tribally motivated? Did I miss something? Is there a special place where Niger-Deltans go where petrol is sold to them at N65 a litre?

Or is there some market set aside specially for them where the cost of items has gone back to the pre subsidy removal prices? What an insult to the people who lost their lives during the strike. In the middle of all this wahala fully grown men will actually attempt to muddy the waters using such a base argument.

Are we really expected to address such trivia? How does the lack of compassion on the part of the ruling party towards its people as personified by one man translate to the failure of an entire region?

Till we begin to judge people in public office based on the work of their hands as opposed to their religion or where they’re from, we are not ready to become a nation. With each new day the menace gets bigger. And this woman is weary… lumped into a marriage of (in )convenience, she’s been ganged raped through the decades. What’s worse, there’s a long line of other people still waiting to take their turn.

She’s weary, she’s tired… through the decades she’s borne her abuse with a dignified grace refusing to buckle… but how long can she hold out? How long are we going to keep papering over the cracks pretending not to notice the deep structural fractures that threaten to bring this entire geographical contraption down…?

Nigeria we hail thee! Our own dear father land… though TRIBE AND TONGUE MAY DIFFER IN BROTHERHOOD WE STAND…. Selah!

God bless and preserve Nigeria!!


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