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Anger, hard times in Yobe

By Bala Ajiya, Yobe

DAMATURU- The uproar generated by the removal of fuel subsidy was much expected with the sinister way the President Jonathan Goodluck led government excluded fuel subsidy from the budget.

The subsidy which government claims had drained the pursue of the nation which is the only social security an ordinary Nigerian can benefit from the government. And with its removal the masses is in for a terrible time.

With only five days to the removal of the subsidy, everything, including the basic needs of ordinary man has skyrocketed in the markets so now hard time awaits the masses following the increments of transport fare, hence every aspect of life of a common man is constrained.

The government should have avail themselves with the public enlightenment of the masses to sensitized them on the need for the removal of the subsidy or rather a palliative measures should have been put in place so that the masses will not feel it much.

Reacting on the issue of the subsidy removal a legal luminary in one of the high courts in Damaturu who preferred to speak on the condition of anonymity said “ the fuel removal subsidy would create chaos and the masses will suffer because if you increase pump price, you are equally increasing almost the price of every commodity because to bring these commodities to the market, you need transportation and hence the increase in the price of everything.

So the cabal advising the government wrongly are maximizing profit at the detriment of the masses as they are getting richer and the masses are getting more poorer.

The fuel subsidy removal has no position bearing on the economy because presently the federal government has the means to improve electricity and other infrastructures in the country but they have not. So now is it the subsidy or revenue that is a magic money that can develop this infrastructures?

Also even the issue of insecurity in this country is nothing but creating more confusion by this same cabal in the government to bring the division of the country. If you want the truth about ensuring the security for the live of people you have to get the godfathers who are responsible for the creation of this confusion.

Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) Chieftain Ibrahim Abubakar said many people see the increment as a breach of trust on our leaders because the unilateral decision taken by the federal government on the issue of fuel subsidy removal without a debate of it by the masses to agree or not is a contempt to Nigerians. He said government ought to rescind its decision on the matter and apologize to Nigerians.

The fuel subsidy removal is coming at the wrong time when even the issue of insecurity in this country is been treated with levity. No meaningful development or an investment can take place without security, he added.

Also the issue of Boko Haram is a serious threat to the entity of this country but instead the government in the interest of few is delving into another issue of fuel subsidy removal and the consequences will be on the masses who are majority poor without social security and the truth our leaders are taken Nigerians for granted because this economy is for every body the resources God has bestowed this country with is enormous but corruption among policy makers which has become a cancer worm is worsening the revival of the economy of this country.



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