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Aighalua didn’t impregnate any lady – GKS

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God’s Kingdom Society, GKS, held its annual Freedom Day celebration in Accra, Ghana to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, Who, according to the church doctrine, was born in the month of October as against the widely celebrated December 25 by other denominations.

In this interview with LAJA THOMAS who was in Ghana, the vice chairman, GKS Executive Board and leader of the church’s delegation to Ghana, Bro. Felix Ekundayo Adedokun explained the significance of Freedom Day anniversary to mankind, efforts being made by the church to change the perception of other churches as regards the correct birth date of Christ and the church’s position on Boko Haram insurgents in Nigeria. Excerpts…

The Freedom Day celebration has been an annual celebration in the God’s Kingdom Society. How much impact has the church made in its efforts to change people’s perception about Christ date of birth?

It would interest you to know that right from its inception in 1934, the church has been making serious efforts to correct the impression that Christ was not born in December but in October but the world would not listen. Yet like the Bible says in Isaiah 58; “Shout and cry aloud, whether they hear or not, tell them”.

And that is what we have been doing. We have been shouting and telling the world the truth whether they accept it or not. We have been saying this over the years and nobody has come out to counter our claim that Christ was not born in December but in October.

No church in the world has been able to counter the GKS view for over 40 years now. According to Prof. Omolewa in his article, Christmas Exposed, “…as far as I know, no effort has been made by other churches to dismiss the teaching of God’s Kingdom Society on Christmas as well as the church’s publication since 1934, Was Christ Born on Christmas Day? This has been on since 1934 when the church founder, St. Urhobo discovered, through research and prayer the actual period of Christ’s birth.

It is not GKS that has changed the date of the birth of Christ but it is what we know from the scriptures. As we studied and we are still learning, we discovered that Jesus was not born on December 25. People don’t know the origin of Christmas because if they do, they would tell the truth.

*Bro. Felix Ekundayo Adedokun

Why tell the children falsehood that Christ was born in December? It is not our own making but God revealed it to His saint whom He chose to do His work and right from that time, he started teaching us. As for the impact we have made thus far; we have been telling the world that Jesus was not born on December 25 but in October, though we do not have the specific date.

Though most people have refused to accept this; but we would keep on telling them till the whole world accepts this truth. The impact is gradual and with time, we know that people will accept this truth.

Why is it that your emphasis is on Christ birthday anniversary and not on being born again or salvation or preaching about prosperity like other churches do?

The Bible says there is time for everything. It is the month of October that we usually come out to disprove the claim that Jesus was not born in December but in October. All along we preach on other topics like every other church does. So, we lay emphasis on the birth date at this particular time, because we believe this is the time of the year that Jesus was born.

In a nutshell, tell us about the significance of Freedom Day celebration?

The significance of Freedom Day celebration lies in the fact that God so much loved the world that He sent His only son, Jesus Christ to die for our sins. If Christ did not die for us we would have still remained in darkness but He has come to die and thereby enlightening us and making the ways of God known to us.

He is a mediator and no one can go to the Father except through Jesus Christ. If He has not come we would still be worshiping our forefathers’ idols but Christ came and He has now enlightened us.

How would you describe this year’s event?

This year’s event has been very thrilling. The impact is wide and far reaching. We started off by going to the media, precisely Ghana Broadcasting Commission and then on the lectures. On Saturday evening, we had the Freedom Day Eve celebration and on Sunday we had a procession around major streets in Accra, Ghana before the main celebration. The impact has been far reaching.

What is GKS’ position on security challenges currently facing Nigeria?

The Bible says that we should put our trust in Jehovah. Putting our trust on man cannot save Nigeria except we go back to God and worship Him in truth and stop practicing evil. Satan is on the surface of the earth trying to unleash evil on men, and so we need to turn to God completely. It is then and only then that God will save Nigeria.

The minds of many people have been bought, and they are willing to go and bomb places without considering the fact that souls will be destroyed. So, the GKS condemns the spate of killings in the nation. It is evil and very wrong for someone to take somebody else’s life just because you are angry at something; you do not have the power to create life and so you do not have the right to take life. So we condemn violence in our country and in the world over.

What is the problem between the GKS and its one time president, Brother Emmanuel Oseghale Aighalua?

In every organization, there is discipline and the Bible says in Isaiah 26:9 that; “when thy judgment is upon the earth, the inhabitant thereof will learn righteousness. Every church organisation has her own policies and when a member does any wrong and you are corrected with little measure of punishment and you still go on with that wrong doing, then the church is free to go down seriously on such a person.

There is a measure of discipline in the church for any erring member. Nobody is above such punishment, so if any member makes any mistake and needs to be disciplined, he is disciplined. It did not start with him and it would not stop with him.

Other ministers have suffered such and have even fallen from the church but we thank God that Brother Emmanuel is still there and he is trying to walk back his way and before long we would hear a gladsome news. He erred in one or two areas and acknowledged it and actually wrote letters to the church that he was sorry and asked for forgiveness.

But the truth is that most of what was published in the media was false. A section of the media has not been fair to the GKS over the matter. It is not true that he impregnated a lady in the church. In fact none of our ministers have ever impregnated any lady in the church. I want to assure that soon, Brother Emmanuel is coming back to the fold.

Your women are often relegated to the background and yet they make more impact in all your activities. How do you explain that?

It is not that we relegate women to the background. It has been said from the origin that women should not have prominence in the church. That is God’s commandment and we cannot do anything about it. Secondly, in any gathering, we have more women than the men and besides; one of the policies of the church and the teachings of the Holy Scripture is that God is not against polygamy.

So if I have three wives, they all must come with me to church and so you are expected to have more women in the church but that is not to say that we are forcing everybody to be polygamous.

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