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‘We will survive subsidy removal’

By Nnenna Ezeah
A few Nigerians spoke about their preparation for the removal of petroleum subsidy and how the change will affect their lifestyle. Excerpts:

Henry Okon – barber

In preparing for the fuel subsidy removal, you don’t expect me to hoard fuel. How many litres will I hoard; and if I do, will it last for eternity? I am a Nigerian and will only wait and see what comes out of this.

If this is done eventually and there is an increase in the price of petrol, it will mean that there will be an increase in the price for haircuts. As for energy conservation, I can’t say I will do it this way or that way; even if the price of fuel goes up, I will still buy it to do my work.

But it will mean that once I finish cutting the hairs and there is no one else, I will simply put off my generator set so as to reserve it for the next person that is yet to come.

Ekezie kelechi – Pharmacist

I do not intent to do anything on this recent development, do you want me to hoard fuel or kerosene that is not worth the stress. I only hope and pray that this turns out best for the masses.

As for conserving energy, we have always been doing that because it is not the number of points that is on when you have power supply from PHCN that we have when we put on our generator set, so we will survive since they believe this is the best thing to be done.

Onome Edighoghor – civil servant I can’t possibly hoard fuel or kerosene. So in conserving energy, I will look for alternatives like buying energy saving bulbs and as well put off my lights when am going out and when am not using them. This, we all know is not going to be easy but let us seat and watch what becomes of this.


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