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This time, it is Foxgate

By Kola Animashaun
It was a long time we had a Profumo scandal, but between him and a Fox, some water has flowed under the bridge.
But Fox Liam, a medical practitioner, has now riding Fox may be a medico, but his colleagues within the cabinet say he was a damned good politician. They even credited him with doing good work at the defence ministry. They even say he worked well at Afghanistan and in Iraq and elsewhere. Until the cookies crumble.

He did not do the job alone with the civil servants at defence, he enlisted the aide (spell aid) of a friend, Adam Werritty. He sounded like a wet thing (and it was spelt Werritty) except he was not wet. He accompanies Fox wherever he goes and sits on negotiations that takes place.

When the cookies crumbles, Werritty claims he did not use any government money to follow his friend all over the world. But people say it was not on, so he resigned as a ranking man in the British cabinet.

Of course the press, on behalf of the people, would not let a dog lie. On behalf of the people, they start to fire questions: if Werritty used his own funds, how will he recoup his investments? If some people pay for him, why are they doing so? If the contractors are or are pursuing some projects, will they not influence Fox’s decision?

And the government? They are asking more questions than answers and this will continue for quite some time to come. What is clear is that Fox has breached the ministerial code. And it was damning. It was found that Fox has improper links with his close friend, the best man at his wedding. He was also Fox’s unofficial “adviser”.

The British has published a report on the Fox saga.

Sir Gus O’Donnel’s report found that there was no misuse of public funds. It found no financial gain by Liam Fox or evidence that Adam Werritty’s little company sought to influence defence contracts. It also found no breach of national security or foreign policy.

Werritty said he was not a lobbyist. Apart from a missing “not” in paragraph 24 and frequent recourse to the formula that there is “no evidence” to support some speculation to the contrary, the former defence secretary may judge himself relieved that the cabinet secretary’s review of his misconduct was not more severe.

The fact that the publication was delayed for most of a day suggests last minute haggling over its contents. Never mind, it is enough to confirm that Fox was right to quit before he was pushed and may wait in vain before he gets government job again.

The media is digging away to find out more about this strange personal/professional relationship and why Fox ignored warning to cool it. O’ Donnell confirmed that he did not do it wholly dispel the impression that fox allowed Werritty to pass himself off as a government official and to play the freelance policymaker.

Oh yes, the report concludes mistakes and misunderstandings were made and rules should be tightened to prevent future blurring of the lines. When officials in a cabinet minister’s office say they should be present at meetings, their advice should be taken, Fox ignored their advice.

The British people are not buying the Gus O’Donnell report. They want a judicial one.

How are we coping with our so –called probes in Nigeria? To be sure, we hear of billions of naira and how they end and in whose hands.

Welcome to Nigeria

I arrived back into Nigeria last Saturday before the last and I was happy to arrive home. But my happiness was not to last. I arrived to Nigeria with no electricity and subsequently no lift and no air-condition and of course no conveyor belt to speed the discharge of my meagre luggage.

And I had been eager to return to my country! I do not know what to tell my friends who insist to die and be buried in England.


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