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Reactions to Dele’s column

0803-423-5740: Very big thank you for touching on today’s youth and attitude to education. Some parents even arrange expo and bribe for invigilators to make their wards pass school certificate and JAMB. We are indeed doomed.

0807-800-5015: Have no fear for d kids they are GLOing to rule the world! AND.. what’s GEJ? He’s a tortoise! In 2015 when everything’s down d drain, he will like Drogba in d tv advert say, IT’S NOT ME, IT IS YOUR TV….C Onuchukwu.

4813-042-1797: How do you know GEJ is confused? . Another doing the right thing at the wrong time. Is it football you know? What about yahoo yahoo, kidnapping, armed robbery…

P.S. I know them all. It is impossible to be Presido without having a current working knowledge of what is happening on the streets. Dele.

0803-372- 9023: Thanks sir on your article “WE ARE DOOMED”. May Allah continue to increase you in knowledge & wisdom…


I disagree with you on your position on the piece “WE ARE DOOMED”. The girls are worse. How about the home-video (African Magic etc)? This is worse than the football madness. Carry out an investigation and what you will find will shock you. Dennis, Asaba.

P.S. Dear Dennis, the boys watch video too, in addition to football. Dele.

0802-330-1341:The Federal Government knows it can’t win the case against a Unijankara student like Tinubu, they just need to give the “boys” a share of the cake as wages. Detola

4810-052-3535: Can you please tell Nigerians what Tinubu did in his 8 years in office.

P.S. If you will tell Nigerians what Igbinedion, Dariye, Nnamani, Turaki, etc did. At any rate the CCB is not a peer review committee, so the request is irrelevant. Dele.

0802-639-2681: I’m highly disappointed at this your write-up…So because it is Tinubu the government is facing now, it has become a waste of time & money. When it was Ibori, Igbinedion & co, it was sensational. You pressmen from the Southwest are the problem we have in this country. You guys are so tribalistic…

P.S. We sided with Atiku against Obasanjo and we supported our Federal Reps who voted for Tambuwal against Mrs Akande two months ago. That’s tribalism according to you, abi? And is Omatseye a Southwesterner? Dele.

4818-298-3196: Must a politician run something to be a good president? What of the man who was a lecturer before going into politics, will he run your home? Ik Ogbonna, Owerri.

P.S. Your second question is confusing. The answer to the first is “it is better”. Dele.

0706-193-5844: Kindly respect our president. A word is a enough for the wise. From Christy Onos, from Ibadan.

P.S Is that a threat? Dele..

0808-672-2204: “What are you sir?” if the OWL cries @ night & the baby dies @ dawn; your guess is as good as mine. GEJ is the OWL of Nigeria!! Dey laugh o!!! Celestine,mnse, frc, (Tiger of the Universe)

0708-193-5844: Your write up is only to abuse the Nigerian president. What is your gain sir?


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