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Mo’Chedda in nude photo mess with Eldee?

Former Trybsmen henchman and producer Eldee has reacted to the growing scandal over an alleged nude photograph of female rap artist Mo’cheddah pasted on the wall of his social network service, twitter.

In a telephone interview with our reporter, the ace producer said “ I don’t want to talk about it because the more I talk, Eldeethe more controversy it creates. I think someone is trying to create a problem for me and I don’t know who the person is. My friends who truly know me will tell you that I couldn’t have done such a thing”.

Eldee who recently raised alarms about hackers infiltrating his site before the incidence said “ Everything I said about it on Twitter is the truth and I don’t want to say anything more on that.

Like I said, Mocheda didn’t tell me anything about what the story on Twitter was all about. I just logged onto my account to find the tweets there”.

Soundly obviously pained by the incidence, the singer and producer lamented that “Someone must have got my password and pasted those things there. Right now, I’m beginning to suspect those I work with but I can’t say who these people are”.

Twitter – a fast becoming platform for absurdity for some – was abuzz with the live naked picture of a lady suspected to be Mo’Cheddah, allegedly sent as a Direct Message (DM) to Eldee through the micro_blogging site.

Although the photo hid the identity of the person, it however showed the naked upper region and bare back, with hands covering the private part…

As soon as it was discovered that something had gone wrong in the uploading process and the photo shared on her following list, the rap artist attempted to cover up by alleging that someone had hacked into her account.

“Pls neva believe what you see, someone just sent me that picture. pls tweeps my account has been hacked. Disregard my tweets. I’m working on securing my account. And of coz, that’s not me,” she hurriedly twitted.

Eldee on his part tried to rescue the situation by sending Mo’Cheddah another Direct Message, which read thus: “@Mocheddah, if people here can see it (the nude picture) just say someone posted it to you in the hotel.”


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