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October 16, 2011

I love short hairstyles – Claudia Adelu

With a dark slender physique, she strikes you an image of a perfect beauty and brain. Claudia Adelu is one of Nigeria’s super models. And having done well for herself, in 2010, she emerged the Next Nigeria’s Super Model(NNSM).

This is Claudia’s hair experience on today’s edition of Hiar & Style.

I’m blessed with naturally dark and long hair. It used to be very long but I cut it short. So now, my hair length is medium.

Claudia Adelu

I don’t really do much to my hair. All I do is make sure I wash it regularly and don’t expose it to too much heat. So I don’t go under the dryer all the time and I don’t use iron straightener on my hair because it weakens the hair.

I find my long neck to be one of my most cherished assets. So I love to wear short hair so that my long neck will be visible.

The kind of hairstyle I make determines how long I would wear such hairstyle. Whenever I go for braids, one month and half is enough. But if it’s a weave-on then, three to four weeks is just ideal.

The highest amount I’ve spent on a particular hairstyle is over a hundred thousand naira- it’s all about quality.

The craziest hairstyle I’ve ever made was when I cut my natural hair into the Rihanna hairstyle. I really loved the look it gave me.

More than any other kind of hair, I prefer human hair weave-ons because they last longer. And the more you wear them, the more they fit.

Out of every other hairstyles, I can’t be caught wearing a Mohawk made with my natural hair.

The kind of hairstyle I wear at a particular time is mostly determined by many factors but mostly by my moods and my pocket.