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October 16, 2011

Hairstyles for round faces

It is important to get the basics right! When it comes to hairstyles for round faces, there are a few things to keep in mind when styling.


A side part with a sweeping fringe is the traditional recommendation for round faces. It is so feminine and it adds more dimension to the face with the different angles

A centre part can work well – it creates a balance between the roundness of the cheeks and the hairline.


Side swept, longer bangs is the standard advice given to round faces because they add dimension as well as flatter the face shape.

Round faces have always been warned off the straight bangs. However these need not be totally off limits – they just need to be a bit choppy at the ends, finishing just before they hit your eyes, and not too full.


Texturising and layering, slimming down hair round the face looks great – it reduces bulkiness around the face, allowing the face shape to shine! Long layers are the perfect compliment – so sweeping and feminine!


A really great style is one that is a little shorter at the back and a little longer at the front, hitting between the chin and the shoulder. This is a sexy, edgy look, with a great contrast between the face shape and hairline. One thing to avoid with short hair is rounded bobs sitting at chin level – you are not doing yourself justice with this hairstyle! Try growing it out a little to have it sitting a little lower, and getting the sides trimmed so there is less roundedness.


Loose, sweeping curls are hot! Avoid tight ringlets round the face – these just add bulk. Keep them full around shoulder height and lower, and loose the bulk around the cheeks and you will have one sexy head!


If you have a round face and straight hair, I bet you have despaired at times, as straight hair has often been told it is ‘too severe’ for round faces. Well, I disagree – you can certainly make straight hair work for you! Adding layers, shifting the part and going for asymmetric styles is where its at! Because round faces by nature very symmetrical in shape from all angles, they are complimented by asymmetric styles, regardless of whether they are curly or straight.

In an up-do

Have the hair fuller at the crown, and close to the head around the ear and cheek level. This balances the hair and face shape nicely. Conversely, avoid volume at the sides – this will not do your face justice!

For something more casual, if you have a couple of waves in your hair, tie it in a loose, slightly tossled, low side bun. This is such a sexy look – the loose waves create a gentle look, and the low bun gives a nice balance! To make this style a little more striking, get a couple of bobby-pins and loosely pin the top half of your hair in the middle at the back, pushing the bobby’s upward to add height. Then grab the rest and make the same bun.

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