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Add beauty, value to your home with wall cladding

By Kingsley Adegboye

Wall cladding has become the newage replacement for wallpapers, timber, planking and ceramic tiles. Today, it has become the first choice among home owners in refurbishment. Wall cladding is cost effective. It is easy in installation and maintenance. It adds beauty and value to homes with the touch of a natural stone.

According to Mr. Femi Shodunke, an architect, a stone wall comprising of natural stones does not cause allergies, as it is void of any chemicals. He said it endows a natural beauty in homes with their various shapes, textures, sizes and quality. He noted however, that a prospective user needs to consult a professional for choosing the right kind of natural stone that would go well with the look of his home.

A buildings with cladding

‘’Slate stones for wall cladding are known as the softest of stones that could be flaked off easily under regular pressure conditions. Apart from being used as wall clad, these can be used for floorings as well. These are available in polished and tumbled finish aside from their natural form. The natural one gives out the best look. You can choose tiles or small slabs of the slate stones for your wall claddings.

‘’Sandstones are another type of commonly used wall clad elements. The quality and feature of the sandstone depend on the area where they are found. Sandstones blend beautifully on the outer walls of your home and as well as in your kitchens and bathrooms.

“Good quality sandstone is resistant to slipperiness. It is highly durable. It has thermal properties and is resistant to fire. As sandstones are usually pale coloured, designers blend some dark natural stones such as quartzite and blue stone to define and creatively highlight a particular area.

‘’When used indoors, the pale sandstones enhance the lights to give out a more attractive look to the room. The limestone is often utilized as sandstone. It is available in slabs and tiles, and wall cladding can include polished or natural finish.

‘’Blue stones are highly versatile and strong. These reflect an aesthetic look to the home and offer a subtle tone with their grey colour. Blue stones are available in polished and flamed finish. The deep grey flavours of these stones hide the dirt on the walls thus making them an extensive choice for outdoor wall cladding.

‘’For people who cannot afford to clad their walls with natural stones because of budget restraint or any other factor, they have an option of using stacked stones. At times, the foundation of your home could not withstand the installation of the heavy natural stones. In such situations, stack stones could take over and help one line out his walls for the desired design and look’’, he said.



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