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Govt not doing enough to feed its people – Azinge

By Innocent Anaba
LAGOS — Director-General of the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, NIALS, Prof. Epiphany Azinge, SAN, yesterday, expressed concern that the country was not doing enough to feed its people, despite being blessed with abundant arable land.

Speaking at a roundtable on “Towards Achieving Food Security in Nigeria,” at the University of Lagos campus of the institute, Azinge said: “The generation after us will blame us if we fail to provide food for them at an affordable cost. Government and private individuals must do something urgently so that we can have enough food for our people.

“In the United States, Europe and Asia, food is the cheapest thing in those areas, because their governments and individuals take active part in agriculture to feed their people, while in Nigeria, despite being blessed with arable land, we still can’t feed ourselves.”

“The Army is not farming, let alone the police. The state governments are also not farming, which is why we have food scarcity in the country. During my secondary school days, we had school farms, but today, excerpt for our Universities of Agriculture, most other universities have no farm,” he added.

Other speakers at the event, including Dr Akume, Mr Emeka Nwadioke, Prof Ikenna Onyido, Mr Isaac Okorafor, Dr Victor Chude, among others, harped on the need for urgent steps to be taken by the government to ensure that Nigeria depended less on food import.

They noted that despite the Collages and Universities of Agricultures abundant in the country with different mandate, including enabling laws, the country still finds in difficult to feed its population.


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