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Cognitol debuts to enhance poor memory


NIGERIANS from all walks of life can now maximise their mental acquity and enhance their memory potential by just swallowing a tablet.

This is a feat made possible through the efforts of Tyonex Nigeria Ltd. – marketers of Cognitol, a new drug renowed as the first clinically proven memory boosting drug and Intelligence Quotient (IQ) enhancer.

At the official launch and unveiling of the product in Lagos last week, Managing Director Tyonex Nigeria Ltd., Pharm. Emmanuel Agba described Cognitol as “a child of neccessity”.

• Lagos State Commissioner for Health Dr. Jide Idris, left, with Managing Director Tyonex Nigeria Ltd Pharm Emmanuel Agba at the company’s launch of IQ enhancing drug, Cognitol in Lagos recently.

In a chat with Good Health Weekly, he argued: “We have studied our society, and we have realised that people have to deliver what they know, not what they don’t know. But what they know they need to deliver it at the right time. That is what Cognitol does.”

Attributing the effectiveness of the prparation to the action of Vinpocetine – the active ingredient adding value to life and contributing to the cognitive development of Nigerians.”

“Cognitol is a vinpocetine tablet derived from vinpocetine aderivative of vincamine, an alkaloid of common periwinkle plant. It boosts the metabolism in the brain by increasing the blood flow, enhancing oxygen utilisation a accelerating the brain’s use of glucose. As a result, the brain can better retain information, thus enhancing memory.”

Agba who asserted that the world was advancing at such a dynamic pace that the human brain needs to function optimally in order to keep pace, stated: “Cognitol is like a catalyst that helps the mind to function properly. At this point in our nation’s life, we need to function properly so that we can move to the next level.”

He said it is recommended for persons aged 16 and above – students to professionals willing to make the best of their intellectual competence.

Packed in 5mg tablet formulation, Agba said the drug has been in use in Nigeria for the past three years. Health professionals from various medical fields were on hand to testify to its efficacy.


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