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$10m simulators for NCAT, as mgt set to complete abandoned hangar

The Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, Zaria is set to acquire $10m simulators for the training of flying students in the country, as the current management also promised to complete the school’s abandoned hangar.

The Rector of the college, Capt. Adebayo Araba, who revealed this in an interview, said that with the deployment of the simulators, pilot training would be easier in the country, adding that with the simulators, students no longer need aircraft for training before being issued certificate by the college.

He said, “In another month or two, we are expecting more new equipment in the college; we are expecting brand new simulators again and my target really is to have a 737 NG Level D simulator in this college.

By the time we have that one here, how many flying schools in the world with that equipment on ground? Very few except those affiliated with the airlines.

“The simulator is for the training of pilots and it will cost us about $10m or thereabout for one.

That is equipment whereby you don’t even need an aeroplane to fly for you to have the certificate; you don’t need an aeroplane for you to get the endorsement and that is what everybody is doing all over the world today, that is the Level D aspect of it, it is the zero hour endorsement. “

He added “Whatever you can do in that simulator is what you can do on the aeroplane. So, all the training and checkout would be done in that simulator. By the time you are done in that simulator, you have your license. That is what is obtainable now anywhere in the world.”

Besides, Araba noted that one of the major challenges facing NCAT is the lack of maintenance hangar facilities, but reiterated the readiness of the current management to complete the abandoned hangar, which has been under construction since 1989.

He however explained that to complete the abandoned hangar facilities, it would cost the college about N300m and hoped that it would be completed before the end of the year.

Araba maintained that the management would not embark on any new project until it completes all the abandoned projects in the school, adding that projects like the swimming pool, library, auditorium and hostel among others are given priority by the management.

“Let’s complete the projects that we started for long first, rather than dragging new contracts. Look at the hangar; it has been there since around 1989 or so and yet to be completed.

I just got some little money now. That hangar, the state is terrible, they just need to open it up again, and by the estimate we had, it will cost us about N300m for it and let’s hope by this year, it will be completed.

“On the auditorium, I don’t want us to talk about money. You know why I don’t want us to talk about money is because that auditorium started way back in 1999. So, I just decided to complete it.

Likewise other projects, we have the library there too, the same problem. That one was abandoned also since 2002 and the hostel I’m finishing it, the recreation center for the students, I’ve finished that one, work is going on, on the swimming pool now. These were projects that were abandoned,” he stated.


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