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Villa wars?

By Donu Kogbra
ABUJA is awash with rumours about heavy in-fighting at the Villa. The story is that various senior officials are giving President Jonathan major headaches by forming themselves into competing gangs and taking pot-shots at each other.

It is said, by those who claim to know exactly what is going on at the heart of government, that the bitter conflicts that are allegedly taking place behind the scenes mostly boil down to desperate bids to secure juicy political appointments.

I’m hearing that ambitious individuals and ruthless interest groups are trying to mess their rivals up while also aggressively vying for Mr. President’s approval.

Let’s just pray that Mr. President remembers, before he makes any final choices, that the most skilled lobbyists are often the least decent people…

Let’s just pray that Mr. President picks top-notchers who will add value…rather than pests, vipers and morons who will be of no use to anyone but themselves.


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