By Mohammed Adamu

Osama’s execution –and the manner of his disposal- were incontrovertibly vengeful. Which Obama said, was what America wanted: cold-blooded ‘revenge’!  Or what Alan Ayckbourn, in his ‘Revengers Comedies’ describes as “good, old-fashioned, bloodcurdling revenge”. Yet, like the English philosopher, Francis Bacon, said, “Revenge is a kind of wild justice; which the more man’s nature runs to, the more ought law to weed it out”.

Suppose it is okay to ‘revenge’ a ‘wrong’; the question is: who determines ‘when’ or ‘whether’ a ‘wrong’ has been committed? One who alleges or an impartial jury?

America acted extra-judicially and prejudicially. She alleged without proof, she judged without a jury, she executed without a lawful executioner; and even in the disposal of Osama’s body, America perverted all-known due professes of ethics, morality and law! Yet, Rubenfeld, in his piece ‘US justified in Killing Osama Bin Laden’, had the compunction to adumbrate on what he termed “basic morality and common sense”

Also by killing, rather than apprehending Osama, America has cleverly avoided a trial. She has virtually acted out the savage business script of one of her Shylock industrialists, Cornelius Vanderbilt in his ‘moral guide’ to business managers, who said: “I won’t sue you, for the law is too slow.

I’ll ruin you”. Why would America premeditatedly forgo the pleasure and the pride of ‘preeminent might’ –which she is wont to gloat in-  by arresting, exhibiting and trying the most notorious American enemy of all times?

What was America afraid of, committing ‘civilized savagery’, instead of bringing culprits to ‘civilized justice’? Certainly not the slow process of law! Because America alone has the rare judicial luxury of bringing her accused persons before her own patriotic juries. She alone is immune to the legal principle of Nemo judex incausa sua the bar on sitting as judge over one’s own matter!

Yet, America preferred to ‘kill and drown’ rather than ‘arrest and try’ Osama. As a former American diplomat, Rubenfeld should know why! He has, like he claimed, the sound knowledge of “basic morality and common sense”; enough to tell when it is ‘moral’ and ‘commonsensical’ to kill (outside of the due process of law) whoever ‘allegedly kills’ Americans. And, when Americans culpably kill innocent others, he knows also to cite ‘the laws of war’ to prove no one under any circumstances –including self-defence- takes an American life.

And, being a Professor of law, Rubenfeld is in a better position to say how we know Osama did in ‘fact’ kill or command the killing of anybody. Certainly not, because America said he did. America may have monopoly over arms and the ‘right’ of ‘might’ to deploy them ‘wherever’, ‘whenever’ and ‘however’; but America does not have monopoly over ‘truth.’ If America, using her media, alleges, America should, before an independent jury, prove!

Nor would tape messages (purportedly from or by bin Laden) be sufficient to establish Osama’s guilt knowing there was virtually none the authenticity of which the U.S. had not questioned. Nor, again, could Osama have been culpable strictly from the facts of 9/11 when many credible American conspiracy theorists have proved -beyond all shadow of doubt- it was State-organized. Like the Perl Harbor attack allegedly was; to justify the wreck of an industrial rival, Japan and to test on innocent civilians a new weapon of mass destruction, the atomic bomb! Gar Alperovitz, a professor at the University of Maryland, said that using the atomic bomb on an already-defeated Japan, was unnecessary.

Not so 9/11. This was ‘necessary’ to justify the deployment of America’s ‘righteous might’ on oil-rich Iraq and Iran! To free the pipelines and to weaken enemy axis!  Osama was only a smokescreen. And, Afghanistan, where he was holed up, itself eventually only a huge distraction! And you wondered why it took Bush several weeks mulling over going after Osama in some out-of-the-way Tora Bora mountains! You bet Bush would’ve wished the bastard was holed up somewhere in the caves of Babylon, in Iraq or in some other hole in Iran. Because these were the true objects of the war and the destinations of the American hawks!

A few years back ‘Prime Suspect’, a website of U.S. Department of Justice displayed a list of terror organizations and in which were documented several acts of terror. 43 of those organizations (constituting 60 per cent) were allegedly Muslim groups.

Al-Qaida alone, of the lot, was entered as having conducted 28 ‘alleged’ terror acts out of which the organization ‘allegedly’ claimed responsibility for only two. Logically-speaking, therefore, neither the attacks ‘allegedly’ carried out by al-Qaida -including 9/11, nor any of the two acts for which it ‘allegedly’ claimed responsibility, could be said to have been proved beyond reasonable doubt as having been carried out by the group. Besides there were other non-Muslim terror groups with over 700 attacks on their records. Thus debunking the international media prejudice that although “All Muslims are not terrorists, all terrorists are Muslims.”

Yet, the tragic irony of it all today is that all the hundreds of thousands of lives of innocent civilians killed in Afghanistan and in Pakistan in the aftermath of 9/11, have been in pursuit only of a ‘prime suspect’ – Osama. And if you think that now that they have vengefully gotten, and savagely killed the man, it should put an end to the gruesome daily killings of innocent civilians in these same theatres of war, well, maybe you think again!

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