By Kola Animashaun

Most  people are  making some money  on the  side. And, it is  all over  the  world. Some  journalists  are  making it  by  doing  something in  public  relations.

And, this is not related  to their mainstream  vocation. Look around  and  you  will  find  out   people  are  doing  something  on  the  side. And,  that  has  to do  with  practically  everybody.

But  some  of  these people  are very clear  in the  things  and   they  do not  cheat   the people  or  their employers.

Not unlike  some football administrators  who  suddenly lose  enthusiasm   to continue  like   the  Austin “Jack”  Warner, a   FIFA vice-president. He  has   quit  over  corruption  claims.

Warner, as  has  been  alleged, had  pledged  to  vote for England 2018  World Cup  bid. He  then went  back  on his   word.

England  got  only  two  of   the  22  votes  and  at  the   first  hurdle.

There have  been  other  allegations  against  Warner.  He allegedly asked   for  cash   to  build  an  education centre  in Trinidad; he  allegedly demanded  £500,000  to buy Haiti’s  World  Cup  TV rights. Of  course, he  denied   the  allegations and  the FA  has  cleared  him.

To Warner, he  was defending   some  culture of “gift”  by  FIFA at  elections and  World  Cup  bid  processes.

He  says, “ It‘s not  unusual   for  such things  to  happen  and  gifts have  been  around  throughout  the  history  of  FIFA. What  is  happening  now  to  me  is  hypocrisy.“

As such matters  are   settled, Warner has left  on  his own  volition,  according   to FIFA  which  said:”Warner  is  leaving  by  his  own volition after nearly  30 years. Ethics  Committee  procedures  against  him  have  been  closed  and   the  presumption  of  innocence is   maintained.”

And, we  do not  know  whether  Lord  Triesmen  was  glossing  over  the  failure  of  UK’s  World  Cup  delegation or the   bribe. He   called  Warner’s departure as  “astonishing”.

He  said  the  whole thing   illustrates  that in FIFA, even  in  the  21st  century, somebody can  say, “I  am  resigning  and  be  allowed  to  simply go,  with  no  further  action.

“That is  an  astonishing  state of  affairs.  It is  right  to  presume innocence  until after a  hearing  has  taken  place   but   this  is just  after  hearing  has  taken place and it just  shows FIFA  is   simply   not  willing  to  clean up its   act”.

Warner  owns  Joe  Public  FC,  a  football  team  in  Trinidad  and   Tobago.  He  is  also acting  leader  when the country’s  PM  is  away.  Why  do  we  remember  “Jack”  Warner  today?.

Two   members  of FIFA’s  executive committee  were  allegedly caught  by  undercover   reporters  offering  to sell  their  votes last November.

Nigeria’s  Amos  Adamu was later  given  a  three- year  ban  and  Reginald  Temavil  from Taluti   got a  one year  ban.

I remember Yar’Adua
I  remember  today   Umaru Yar’Adua  on  the occasion  of  the declaration  of   his  assets because of  Babatunde Raji Fashola’s own declaration.

Yar’Adua was  the  only  president  who declared  his  assets  publicly  and   forensically.  The   Code of  Conduct  Bureau (CCB) South-West Commissioner, Dr  Ademola  Adebo,  said  Fashola “filled  the  forms  and  provided  the necessary  documents  requested by the  bureau.”

That  leaves  Gbenga  Daniel  and  Bayo Alao-Akala yet  to declare  their assets.  And,   we   would   expect   to  hear from  Olagunsoye Oyinlola  and  Segun Oni  of  Osun  and   Ekiti states;  it is   important  that  they  be  like   Caesar’s  wife: ‘’They  must  be  above  suspicion.”

They  are   not   expected    to be  rich  or  stinkingly  rich  but, it is  important  to be  above  board. I  know  their deputies  and  their   commissioners are  taking  their  cues. And,  when  will  Obasanjo do the  same? It has been   over  four  years  since  he departed.

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