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Corona Schools call for awareness on climate change


The school premises of Corona Secondary school, Agbara last Saturday witnessed an unprecedented audience, as the school management, staff and students marked their second health safety and environmental day with members of the public.

The Corona annual health safety and environmental day was introduced two years ago by the school management, as part of its contribution to compliment the efforts of the government in keeping a safe and friendly environment and foster awareness on how to discourage further degradation of the environment.

For the school, inculcating the culture of keeping a safe and friendly environment in the students at early stage, holds the key to guaranteeing a safe environment for the unborn generation and also help the students and the entire school community develop positive attitude towards the environment, that will make them become change agent to the rest of the society.

Speaking at the occasion, the Executive Director of the school, Mrs. Olufunto Igun said that the annual environmental day was specifically meant to sensitize both the students and the staff, and stakeholders of the including other members of the public about the reality of climate change and to educate them on how to control it.

“We want to sensitize them that climate change is real and on what they can do to stop the ills of climate change. There has been flooding from ocean surge in Lagos, tsunami and earthquakes in some countries and we cannot continue to fold our hands, doing nothing. Corona, as a school, has a culture of inculcating these habits into the students at the tender age, for them to know more about conservation

of the environment.

We need to conserve the planet, so that we can leave a legacy for generations yet unborn.

As part of our curriculum, we are targeting at what individuals can do to save the situation. We now have students, who are more aware of what climate change is all about and what they can do to improve on it,” she explained.

She called on government at all levels to intensify campaign on sensitizing Nigerians on the danger of climate change and how to control it, saying that parents, teachers and students must be involved to make it work.

While commending the sponsored of the event, Mrs. Igun said that children, and corporate bodies must join hands with the government to make our environment a safe place to live.

“In the nearest future, we expect increased sensitization and awareness among the people and our students. As we do it annually, we also think that people can on their own do the things they can to stop environmental degradation,” she added

Also speaking, the Director of the school, Mrs. Folasade Adefisayo described the anniversary as an important day in the lives of the students as it offer them the opportunity to learn and share experience on how best to curb the negative effects of climate change.

“Through the programme, we are trying to tell them that we understand global issue and we believe that they need to know what is going on in the world. The whole school community is involved,” she added, saying that Corona Schools, as an institution, acknowledged the impact of climate change on its community included it as part of its curriculum.


As an important and very topical issue that has drawn the attention of the world, she said that global warming must be tackled with all seriousness to save humanity from the impending doom.

“Through this event, we are trying to make the students to see keeping a safe environment as their responsibility and not to use it as a means of competition. Is for them to internalize it.”

While supporting call for increased awareness and sensitization of more Nigerians, Mr. Adefisayo described as worrisome the high rate of ignorance about climate.

“It is worrisome that people still litter things like nylon sachet every where they go, when a studies have shown that such materials are going to stay on the surface of the earth for more than 800 years, whether burnt or not. If we sensitize these children at this age, we believe that they will carry it on all through their lives and to their families. If people know the impact of unsafe environment, they will adjust.” she posited and called on government to scale up sensitization effort, if Nigeria desires to succeed in the fight against climate change.


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