By Kola Animashaun

Suddenly we did not hear anything more about James Ibori of Delta State. And, there has been a lot of noise about how he was the Delta “Champion.” Someone even said he was the man who could not be touched.

And, we could not, until he ran away to far-away Dubai! Then the British did not believe in a man who would account for his deeds. And, they have shown that a number of times.

In the DSP of Bayelsa State, Governor-General of the Ijaw people, they said he disguised to return to Nigeria only to be defrocked and dealt with by the Olusegun Obasanjo government. Of course, DSP’s misfortune is Goodluck Jonathan’s fortune.

From there, Jonathan became the governor of Bayelsa State; then the Vice-President and finally the President and Commander-in-Chief of Nigeria. Indeed, some people have all the luck!

See, the British took the minions and fried them — Ibori’s wife and his mistress.

They all went to jail with his British lawyer for “his offences.”

The people of Dubai, and, at the instance of the British Government, repatriated  Ibori to good old Britain and they vowed to deal with him if he has fouled the British air.

But, so far, he is still lost in transit because we do not hear  about him anymore. The British do not play with whosoever would not play according to the rules. As I write this, Elliot Morley, MP for Scunthorpe and ex-Labour, is doing time.

The 58-year-old former Labour man was jailed 16 months for defrauding taxpayers by  claiming mortgage interest on his second home after the loan has been paid off! As I write, he earns £7 a week in prison workshop at Her Majesty’s Prisons at Ford near Arundel in West Sussex.

He had a companion in Lord Taylor, a Tory peer who served a year jail term for £11,000 expenses fraud. They shared a two – bunk cell while they were doing time together at category B prison in South London.
Of course, the Labour Party minister tried to bluff his way out, trying to escape justice, like most Nigerians do, that the courts had no right to prosecute “an MP’s expenses.” And, we are talking of small amount of naira. He also refused, as we are wont to do, to resign as an MP.

Elliot Morley is in a minor storm even now: he is doing his time under a cushier prison regime. That he was moved to an open jail only a month after his conviction last month only suggested that he has used ”long legs.“ Someone has regarded it as ”preferential treatment.”

“Most convicts have to wait ages to work their way down that security ladder and somebody getting 16 months would have waited at least three or four months before being transferred,” says someone. Morley, however, is not enjoying it at all, even with that”he looks miserable  all the time.”

Probably because, last week, he became the first man since 1921 to be stripped off his role as a ”priory Councillor.”

Compare that with the case of one famous BG. He went to prison and when he came out, he went to the church for a  special thanksgiving service. Everyone went in Aso Ebi. Old fox Baba Iyabo was “tricked to attend.” Otherwise he would not have attended.

Indeed, we are not a serious nation and it shows in all we do. Here, no one steals in millions anymore, they do it in billions now!

Nobody goes to jail for stealing; for fraudulent conversion, we slap them on the wrists and that is why they insist on managing our politics regardless of their condition.


Farida Waziri, the overall boss of EFCC has made some accounts. She said she has collected some money and properties from those who stole from our patrimony.

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