By Kola Animashaun

I think I understand the psychology of the average Muslim.  Or nearly do.  This psychology is coded in their belief of the inevitability of destiny.  Some of them have honed it to an art.  So, when Yuguda spoke that the youth corps “only fulfilled their destinies”, that was what he meant.

Even among Muslims, many of them would have taken it wrongly.  Such truths are better sugared or even never mentioned at all. It has a way of reminding them of what they’d better forget even if they will never do.

Yuguda has a kind of candour that jarred: to remind the people of the “killing of Christians, Muslims, burning of churches, mosques and the destruction of innocent people’s property.”

It is in very bad taste to say that what happened in Bauchi is “far less than what happened in some other states.  What happened in Bauchi only lasted for only one day.”  Does that make it less bearable?

It is still not bearable that “my own house was burnt, they almost lynched my first son”.  How do you compare Yuguda’s 1975 experience when he was attacked as a corper in Ibadan?

Like most politicians, they always find whipping boys among the Press.  So Yuguda said: “You portrayed me as an animal, as somebody who is heartless.  I think that person who has engineered the write up, probably, he would have been compromised to run me down as an individual.”

So Yuguda has made a good point: he will be accountable to his God for the killings as the governor of the state… the suspects whom he described as beasts and animals would be made to face the full wrath of the law for taking the lives of human beings.  And if the law permitted, he would personally shot the suspects if they are finally found to be guilty of the offence.

Yuguda said he broke down as he remembered the day when “those souls would meet me in my grave and they will ask me why did you allow people to slaughter me in your own land when you were a leader?”
Of course, Yuguda condoled with the parents of the slaughtered corpers and he sympathised with himself because these great souls were lost in his land where he is governor.

Six hundred suspects have been arrested and arraigned and we hope they would not go the way of the rest of them – free.  Muslim or Christian, nobody has the right to take the life of another without authorisation.

Money for wages
States are looking for money and you want to ask them for what?  They say they need money to pay the new wage increase to workers.

What is the percentage of workers wage to be paid?  It would not have been an headache for state governments if it was clearly a Federal Government affair.  But the Federal Government has forcefully asked the state governments into the negotiation.

For years, I have asked that state government should negotiate according to their ability considering the money in their kitty.  That way they would have less headache.  I have submitted that any worker who would want more money would have to negotiate with the higher bidder – that would be the federal or state government – not the local governments.

Lagos is very different from Ogun and Ogun is different from some of the rural governments.  In Ogun rural councils, they are asking and are getting aid as in some metropolitan councils.  So that some workers are, in two beautiful worlds, enjoying city salaries in rustic settings.

Now that we cannot do anything about that, at least for now, the state governments are asking for a new revenue formula.  And our own Fashola has been asked to spearhead the panel of governors that are seeking a new formula of 42 percent instead of a 26.72 percent.  The Fashola panel has also proposed that the Federal Government allocation revenue climbs down from 52 percent to 35 percent and the Local Governments are proposed to climb up by 2.4 percent from 20.60 percent to 23 percent.

Ostensibly, the two tiers of government are saying they would be unable to pay the new wages except the Federal Government new formula.  Some of them may be unable to pay the new wages while some of them will have more money to play with.

We are all workers but would we all benefit from the proposed wage hike – the self employed and the retired men and women?

Fashola has spoken of the “daily diminishing purchasing power and value of the disposable income of the average worker” and he merely reiterated what some of us have said since ages ago: “Lack of public power supply that aggravates the cost of production; cost of transportation and cost of living, which every member of the consumption chain simply passes on.”

I have always said President Goodluck Jonathan should do two most important duties for the four years he will stay in the saddle: improve electricity and also improve our roads.  We will thank him for it.

Death of a god
Sathya Sai Baba died on Sunday April 19, 2011 at a nearby hospital.
Indian Prime Minister and leader of the ruling Congress Party, Sonia Gandhi, have paid their last respects to the spiritual leader.

Sai Baba, known for his bushy hair and saffron robes, died of multiple organ failure at the age of 84.  He had been worshipped as a god by followers worldwide.
His death drew an outpouring of grief.

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