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May 1, 2011

Essential treatments

When should you never ignore your hair’s needs? What are the most beneficial treatments for chemically straightened Black hair? When should they be done? The general rule is to pay attention to the health of hair before and after chemical application.

Chemical Relaxing creams alter the composition, constitution and texture of hair RADICALLY. The vagaries of chemical use include dry hair and scalp, brittle hair and itchy scalp, discoloration, thinning, breakage, uneven hair-growth and [ultimately] damage. So, beyond wanting your hair to be straight, sleek and smooth, one needs to do more for hair to be vibrant and healthy.

Concentrate on strengthening hair two [2] weeks before touch-up. If you do not know of a good protein-based product, ask your stylist for egg-based Conditioner. Keep scalp well oiled during that fortnight so that it is not dry and ‘tense’ on the day of application.

For touch-up, select a superior product that allows you to deep-condition the hair before Neutralizing. In this respect, try Affirm or Mizani. However, if you are using any of these, use the full range; don’t use something from another range to corrupt the Affirm/Mizani process. Manufacturers naturally work out the beginning and end of any procedure involving their product; do not re-write their rules by going outside the range.

Seven [7] to fourteen [14] days after touch-up, restore strength and shine to hair. Relaxing creams strip hair of moisture, leaving it dry and thirsty. Replenishing hair helps it move again. With no-lye Relaxing creams, the battle against dryness and immobility is fierce as they calcify hair. If your no-lye Kit does not contain a decalcifying Neutralizing shampoo, then your hair will feel ‘heavy’ and coated. Conditioners help strip deposits, leaving free-flowing hair.

Strengthening treatments come before shampooing; replenishing treatments come afterwards. Try this simple formula: four tablespoons of Cholesterol conditioner with one teaspoon of ‘original’ Extra-Virgin Olive oil. Please make sure you use the real Olive oil, not some oil masquerading as!

Thanks for reading and do make it a Great week!