hair we go

May 22, 2011

Can every woman have long hair?

Definitely not! Every woman can not have long hair because not all women are blessed with the genes and even among those who may have inherited genes for great hair, not all will have the type of information they need or the time/effort/money to acquire healthy hair.

Let’s examine all possible scenarios. Some women say they once had beautiful hair but it’s not the same anymore. Many factors may have contributed to this. If the quality of hair you have has deteriorated over the years, is it as a result of your mishandling of your hair? Or is it hereditary thinning inherited from either parent? Always put things in perspective before you conclude.

The trick is to have HEALTHY hair; if your hair is healthy, then you can concentrate efforts at lengthening it. Healthy means hair is not dry or brittle; hair is not breaking or damaged through chemical over_use; scalp is clean and clear; hair has no split ends; hair is not limp and lifeless; scalp has no flakes, bruises, abrasions or bald patches; and hair is not over_processed.

So you start with healthy hair; now plan a regime of hair treatments in which you will alternate the types of treatments you administer. A week after your touch_up, have a pre_shampoo angels studio protein treatment to restore strength to hair that has been weakened and dried_out by relaxer. This treatment should stay in your hair for 20 minutes with heat applied. Rinse thoroughly with cold water and then proceed to shampoo. Use only a shampoo that is suitable for your hair and scalp; if you have no idea, you need to have a consultation to determine your hair type and determine your hair’s characteristics.

Rinse shampoo out with cold water, and apply a liberal dose of angels studio moisturizing conditioner, [or preferably a product that contains natural oils] and cover with a steam cap. Deep_condition hair by sitting under a hot dryer for 10 minutes; rinse out using cold water.

Do not use towels after rinsing; let water run out of the hair for a few minutes. Squeeze excess water out, before applying leave_in conditioner to the hair while damp. Apply a thin film of angels studio scalp crème to the whole scalp area. Now you can add any other products and setting aids to set the hair.

Now, if you want longer hair, you must learn to love rollers and dryers. Most treatments work best when heat is incorporated. Heat helps to open the hair cuticles so that product can be trapped in. Love dryers because you need to sit under one to ‘steam’ and dry your rolled hair; love rollers because hot hand_dryers and hot irons [TONGS] will finish your hair eventually. Long hair will remain elusive if you are doing a lot of direct heat!