By Kola Animashaun

The frog is very short of tail; it is unlike the ram or the cow.  It cannot flaunt the tail like the well-endowed horse.  So, when it comes to talk about tail, the Yoruba say: Opolo ni e fo o. Frog says don’t even go there.

But I am not a frog. I can ask questions and expect to be answered.  I want to ask: Why did ACN did so badly at the presidential poll after a brilliant showing at the National Assembly polls in the South-West?  What went wrong that CPC did not do as much as its ANPP of old did?  What happened to Shekarau? What will happen to ACN and CPC at the gubernatorial and house of assembly elections?

Some people have offered explanations: that the people, all over the place merely gave concessions to Jonathan to the presidential election.  They said he was a good man; they even said he was given the chance to right the wrongs of the National Electric Power Authority or PHCN.  Some say he would now have the unfettered power to do what he wants to do.

They said CPC failed because it was a sectional party and some say the time for a sectional party was past.  Why did they (CPC) not align with ACN to give PDP a fight of its life?  Some say it has to do with ego in Buhari and Tinubu. Tinubu wanted to be a VP and Buhari will not drop his VP. Bakare or Bakare wasn’t too happy to give up his VP post.  There are other various versions.

One would have thought Shekarau would have also joined ACN, CPC with his ANPP to give PDP the fight of the century. He would not; and he had the most miserable performance.

When you add the scores of the three opposition parties, they may not have beat all-cormers, but it would definitely have told a different story. For instance, they would not have opened themselves to charges of clannishness and religious bigotry.

Whatever one must say: Shekarau has one of the brightest hopes. Most of the people, who watched his debates, agreed he would be president one day, when the time is right.

The other question: What would happen to ACN, CPC and ANPP at Tuesday’s state polls?  For ACN, its Lagos show will be a show-stopper because most of the states will want to copy it. Fashola has become the standard by which to judge gubernatorial performances. Most ACN states will want to swear by Lagos.  We should expect Ogun and Oyo to go the Lagos way.  CPC may go home with 12 states in its stable.  It looks to me like our politicians have traded with one mandate and it looks like we are still in square one, if not worse.

When the first elections came and the call-out was made, I was shocked to note that of the over two millions who were registered for Lagos, only about one million had the summon to vote.

I was not amused at the many thousands who stayed at home.  They did not see the reason to waste their time to vote. They registered just in case they needed the document for something etc.

Politicians have tried the many ways of making money at elections.  Very little money goes to the voters as bribes and the bulk now goes to political jobbers called executives.

They collected money at primaries and at voting. Of course, they try rain or sunshine to organise the people.
Voters who are lucky get two or some medium tins of rice and from N300 to N2,000; some get, in addition, recharge cards carrying the bust of the President courtesy of good money.
And, you talk of free and fair polls?

I doff my hat to Abdul-Rauf!
My hat is aloft to Abdul-Rauf Aregbesola, Governor of Osun State. He trounced PDP mercilessly at the National Assembly elections and also at the Presidential one. On the new states flags he was outstanding among the class of Fashola, Fayemi and Oshiomhole.

The Osun governor collected the trophies for all the Senatorial and the House of Representatives.  He was making a point: that when he said he beat Oyinlola to the governorship in 2007, he really did.  When he was finally awarded the election victory after three years of judicial battle, he really did.

So, when the House of Representatives one came, he had no difficulty; he trounced them.

For him, it was the case of the warrior who claimed he vanquished seven at the war-front: he crushed seven chicks on his way home and wins seven times at the games (Ayo).  If we did not see what he claimed to have down at the war-front, at least we witnessed the chicks and the Ayo game.  Omo Oko.

…Lest we forget
Mr. Deji Soremi was charged before a Wuse (Abuja) Magistrate’s Court with forgery. He belongs to the Obasanjo faction of PDP in Ogun State.

Soremi and other accused were alleged to have illegally substituted the name of Rep. Dave Salako with one Ladi Adebutu-Kessington as the party’s House of Representatives for Remo/Ikenne/Sagamu/North.  The last time we heard Deji Soremi was cooling his heels in custody at Kuje.  Was it true?

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