Kinabuti is more than just a label. It is about celebrating, inspiring and empowering women through very personal and innovative designs that enhance their natural beauty and make them feel good with themselves. It is also about using fashion as a vehicle to promote creativity amongst the young generation and provide them with the tools needed to develop their own potential”, says Italian Caterina Bortolussi, the designer and creator of Kinabuti, a Nigerian based fashion Label that ever since its takeoff in December of last year, has become a word of mouth sensation.

Caterina is sitting on a stool in her Atelier located in a quiet area of Lagos, in front of the lagoon. Small mountains of fabrics collected around the world are piled at her side waiting to be turned into the stylish designs that hang from the door-less wardrobes. The effect of the garments is hypnotic: vibrant coloured patterns with embellishments in gold and silver, dreamy ruffles and geometrical shapes, flowing tulles and feathers. Also, pins, needles, scissors, sketch books can be found all over the place. Once in a while she is interrupted by the noise of the sewing machine. Other times she politely interrupts the conversation to indicate something to the tailor who is working on a half-dressed mannequin. And then she continues. “I do believe that whatever we do should serve a purpose, otherwise it would be meaningless to me. So when I launched the first collection I knew I wanted to do it in a way I could give back to Nigeria the same inspiration and energy I borrowed from its lively streets”, explained the designer.


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