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I regret my late marriage – Julius Agwu

By Opeoluwani Akintayo

Originator of Crack Ya Ribs, Julius Agwu, is one of the Nigerian comedians who’ve made a headway in the entertainment industry. Married and has a girl child, a.k.a D Genius is down to earth.

Julius Agwu and wife

As part of his yearly tradition, the comedian recently celebrated his birthday with an orphanage at Surulere, Lagos, where he gave out food items, cheque,  including a birthday cake which he cuts in the midst of the orphans. In this interview with Showtime Celebrity, Julius explains why he decides to celebrate his birthday with orphans and many more.


Why did you decide to celebrate your birthday with the orphans?

I’m grateful to God that I’m alive today. I came here to celebrate with these kids. To  me, it’s a way of giving back to the society as well as saying that nobody should underrate any human being. One of these kids  may become the governor of a state or a law maker some  day.

It has been my usual tradition over the years to celebrate every Valentine’s day, and my birthday with the orphans. But I couldn’t celebrate this year’s Valentine with them because I started a brand called Festival Of Love.

It was borne out of the period when bomb blasts were rampant in the country. The problem it created made me feel that there was a black cloud hovering over this nation and it’s time to declare a festival of love.

Is the decision to always give to orphans borne out of your own personal experience?

I’ll say that I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my month. I grew up from my native home and my parents were not buoyant enough to send me to a nursery or primary school. I attended a public school. And I usually woke up at early hours of the day to hawk.

Passing through such situations make me think of these kids who don’t even know what it is like to have parents that would  properly care for them. So, these are the things that informed my decision to celebrate with them.

Now that we are going to the polls,what advice do you have for the electorates?

Before now, our generation was born in a period when they heard only stories of the booming days of the country, but they never felt  the  impact. So, my joy is that the awareness is high now and a lot of children are aware of what is going on.

It might interest you to know that before now, we shot a feature film called My Vote Fit Change Naija which my foundation, Julius Agwu Foundation For Youths initiated. We should be able to decide  now because it’s  our time to use our votes to decide whether or not we still want  those people who have held us back.

We claim to be the giant of Africa,  yet some Nigerians   can- n’t even afford to feed themselves daily. I’m sure it’s because of the sad and hard times that some of these kids were abandoned by their mothers. Probably their mothers were thinking of how they’d cater for them. As a result, they  dumped them. I am passionate about this country and I believe that it will get better some day.

Are you not fulfilled yet?

I call myself a work-in-progress. I thank God that I’ve added another year but I’m beginning to think like an average married Nigerian. You know that when one is married, one has to be responsible. I’m a responsible family man and now that I have a baby, I know what parents who have children are passing through.

So, I know that I’m not fulfilled and my best is yet to come

What do you hope to achieve?

I said that I’m a work in progress.

In the next five years?

I go don born another pikin.

Do you still have challenges?

Everybody has challenges. But the good thing is that one has to build a platform on those challenges in other to achieve bigger things.

What are some of those challenges?

One of them is electricity. Low power supply makes it hard to successfully run an office because one has to think of how much to spend on fuel for the generator.

At times, whenever one wants to do a show, there will be no sponsors. Nigerian organizations have to realize that there is what is called corporate social responsibilities. That’s why I encourage some of my colleagues that they have to give back to the society.

Is money still one of your challenges?

Money is everybody’s challenge. If there were people who’ve got enough of money the, people like Dangote shouldn’t still be in business. So, I need more money.

If given another chance, what is it that you didn’t do right that you’ll like to correct?

I’d probably got married early.

Why did you say that?

Because if I’d got married earlier than I did, my children would have grown older by now. That’s why I envy Tuface.

If you’d married earlier, do you think you’d have achieved this much?

I wouldn’t know because I’m not God. But I just wished I got married earlier than I did. My children would have grown and I’ll just concentrate on hustling.

In terms of skills and delivery, does any of your colleague pose as a threat to your career?

No. We are like one bg family. Every one of us has his own fan base. I don’t have that spirit of competition, I do my things my own way. And that is what has brought me this far.

What is you unique strength?

The uniqueness of Julius Agwu is in his uniqueness. Can’t you see? Look at me very well. I’m the genius because I’m unpredictable.


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