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Shouldn’t intimacy be taken more seriously?

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By Candida

I believe today’s young women are dared too adventurous. They’ve had huge success in so many fields that having casual sex is as good as eating a tasty meal. Call me jealous if you like. Some of their escapades made the funny group has had over the years look like a boy scout’s outing.

Take Kate, for instance. Apart from being a beauty with glowing skin, she has this good job of being the European restaurant manager of a very posh hotel. Thanks to her job; I’ve had some really good meals on her tabs – and my freezer boast of a few take-aways to tide me over.

So, when she announced she was being posted out of Lagos to relieve a colleague who was going on a three-month course abroad, I wasn’t very happy.

She wasn’t looking forward to it either. Thanks to people she met on the course of duty, she’d made really good contacts, especially socially. Her husband is the ‘see no evil, hear no evil’ type, leaving Kate to sample the forbidden fruit as often as she could get away with it. Short-term accommodation is no problem either as there were always vacant rooms in the hotel. But how would she cope in those three months without the perks of her job?

Still looking gloomy, she said her goodbye, promising to see me in a few weeks’ time when she had her days off. Seven weeks after she left, she called she was back and I was free to come for lunch. I hadn’t had my bath or anything and there was no way I was letting this opportunity go.

It’s been so long since I had her company. Doing a quick ABC (armpit, bum and crotch), I got into the car, my heart lighter than it’d been for a while. I did a double take when I saw Kate. She looked glowing and happy! Did she get on well with the staff at the other hotel then?

“It wasn’t easy,” she said, coyly as we had lunch in her office. “A lot of the staff had worked together for a long time and I felt like an outsider at first. But, I gradually found my feet and discovered a new social life. Some of my male colleagues were very flirtatious, especially Julius, the main restaurant manager – he was the cookiest of the lot. He was self-assured and had the reputation of being a playboy. He’s supposed to be happily married but that hadn’t stopped him breaking a few hearts.

“A few days after I arrived, there was this big do at the main hall of the hotel and a few glasses of free champagne led to Julius helping me to my room. I lurched against him, smelling his aftershave. He moved his hand to steady me and rested it on my bum. Suddenly, Lagos and my family seemed miles away. We started kissing urgently as I fumbled to open my door. We made straight for the bed and made love. It was wild! I’d never had a one-night stand and that was what I thought it would be. But afterwards, Julius stood up and started pulling in his trousers. “We’ll have to do that again: he smirked. Well, why not? No one else seemed bothered that Julius was a married man, so, why should I?

I mean, why not have fun with this big- headed Romeo while I could? And, I did! He worked erratic hours, sometimes as many as 18 at a stretch and it wasn’t easy to snatch time together. But, on my days off, Julius and I would have fun at the hotel followed by passionate sessions in bed. Then, Julius went on days off and returned with his wife! Whenever she was busy shopping or looking up old friends, Julius would slip away to have sex with me. But it was not the same thing – I felt used. When a new male staff joined the hotel, I was happy to chat with him. He was not the playboy type, but I quickly put him at ease. I flirted with him outrageously to make Julius jealous and boost my ego. After one particularly boozy night, I left while the party was going strong. I didn’t realise Fabio, the new man, had followed me, until I heard him call my name. I
turned and he caught up with me. He didn’t say a word, just pushed me against him and we started kissing.

“We went to his room and made love throughout the night. It was so different to my sessions with Julius –
gentler but just as exhilarating. I am currently sleeping with both of them and none of them is the wiser. Away
from home, it always feels as if anything is possible, The secrecy unleashes the untamed person in me. Who
knows what surprises await me when I get back?

Her last few weeks were even more adventurous. When we met up after she finally relocated to Lagos, I listened wide-eyes at her as she recounted her last escapade. “Fola has now put me off flings,” she declared as soon as
she settled on my sofa. “Julius had heard of my rumps with Fabio and completely ignored me. What a relief, Fola
told me to ignore him. He worked as one of the chefs but he was young and handsome. I didn’t bother to ask him how old he was in case the answer put me off pulling him! All I knew was that he was still single. He was a good lover too – better than Julius and Fabio.

“The next day after our lovemaking session, I had an e-mail from him. I was a bit surprised – I don’t particularly like documentation? When I opened the e-mail, there was an image attached. I clicked on it and was horrified to see a full-scale picture of Fola in all his glory emerging on the screen. Hastily, I hit the delete button. Was he insane? Don’t you have work to do?’ I hissed down the phone to him. ‘Not the kind of work you mean,’ he sniggered. ‘I cant concentrate on anything when I think of you…‘

“His kind was dangerous and I tried to get rid of him. But he phoned constantly, whispering down the line what he’d like to do to me. He even sent me more and more explicit pictures of himself. It was a relief when it was time to head back to Lagos. What an ass! It was nice to be in the safety of my husband’s arms again. You win some, you lose some!”

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