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IOCs & the rape of Nigeria (1)

By Dele Sobowale

“The traitors in ones midst……

Long before the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries, OPEC, was formed after another Arab-Israeli War, the International Oil Companies, IOC, called the “Sisters”, dictated the price of crude oil globally. On the eve of the creation of OPEC, it was three cents a barrel.

The cartel of Western oil companies operated despite the fact that all the capitalist Western countries had anti-trust laws in their own countries forbidding price-fixing among competitors. But, the Arabs, South American and African countries exporting oil were treated with the contempt the white masters thought they deserved. That was the first example of hypocrisy allied with racism.

Then OPEC was established to give the oil exporting countries a say in the pricing of their crude. I was in the USA at the time and experienced the savage attack on OPEC by the West. The OPEC cartel immediately became the threat to global economy which the IOCs cartel was not. Economists of the Chicago School, led by Milton Friedman suddenly discovered that price-fixing was a grave economic sin and OPEC must be destroyed.

OPEC survives till today not because the West and the IOCs wanted it but because of the tenacity of its members and because the British discovered oil in the North Sea. Suddenly, Britain did not want the IOCs determining the price of crude. Instead, it settled for OPEC determined prices – without joining OPEC. Thereafter, economists in Britain stopped their criticism of OPEC pricing. More hypocrisy.

From hypocrisy, which is, after all, a minor ethical lapse, exhibited by Westerners, who are almost totally insufferably self-righteous, we move to the real crimes against third world oil exporters in general and Nigeria in particular. Bluntly stated, the IOCs introduced corruption into Nigeria; they also introduced illegal bunkering into Nigeria and they got Nigerians working for them to betray their country. The higher the Nigerian, the more likely he had been an accessory to bribery, corruption and espionage directed against our country.

Thus, when WiliLeaks reported about spies within IOCs operating in Nigeria, it was not exposing a secret; it was merely reporting what every Nigerian director of IOCs knows had been the standard operating procedure right from Oloibiri till date. In fact, it is almost impossible to be a top executive of an IOC without being a spy at the same time.  At all times, the IOCs operate to cheat Nigeria. More worrisome is the fact that the Nigerians working for them as well as the government officials monitoring and supervising them know it.

Let me provide some of the evidence for our readers to understand why PIB is such a matter of “life or death” for Nigeria. The IOCs and their Nigerian collaborators want us dead. That is why they continue to blackmail us with announcements about delayed investments if the bill is not passed quickly. We must know the characters we are dealing with. They have never been honest with us. Even their social responsibility and community relations programmes are funded from proceeds of crude stolen from us in the first instance. It is like a gang stealing your wallet and returning it to you with half the money gone and demanding a “thank you” for it.

“Dele, you seem to hate Jonathan wit so much passion. Ur articles are always anti-pdp. U are seemingly a biased journalist. A political one at that. Seun Daniels?

Your text message came just as I was about to write the part two of the reply to :”Dr Great” and since you operate on the same wavelength, I might as well lump you together. To start with, I don’t hate Jonathan, I will say so if that is the case and nothing will happen. Nobody is in this world to love a president just because you do.

To be quite candid, Jonathan and Yar’Adua fall into the same group of public figures well described by the late Sam Rayburn, perhaps the most powerful Speaker ever in the US Congress. When asked what he thought of General Dwight Eisenhower,  as President, he replied, “Good man, wrong profession.” As far as I am concerned, Jonathan and Yar’Adua are good men, not only in the wrong profession (notice they were both former lecturers), but in the wrong party as well – the party of looters. And, I can prove that!!

Certainly, I am anti-PDP; you obviously love those who drained $13-16 billion from our national purse and gave us no power supply in return. Jonathan is their candidate. Is he not? Yes, O! I am biased against PDP; you must love them. It takes a man of honour to be biased against evil. So, I accept the charge; if you will also claim your own.

We can make a deal though. Get on the Facebook and ask Jonathan to either recover our $16bn from Baba Iyabo or add 6000Mw to our power supply and I will like him a little. If he can also explain what the Yar’Adua/Jonathan/Sambo government did with over $15bn depleted from the Excess Crude Account, I will love him more than you do. I love those who preach and practice transparency and accountability. Don’t you?

Let me now continue with my reply to “Dr Great” – another one crying more than the bereaved – President Jonathan.

May be Dr Great needs to be reminded, that the Jonathan was deputy governor of Bayelsa State when the state was looted blind by his former boss — Alamesiayagha. Jonathan has two choices on that matter. He could claim he was not aware that the looting was going on – which makes him a figurehead deputy governor and one to be despised; or, he could admit he knew that the state was being robbed and kept quiet – that makes him an accomplice without moral courage and unfit for the highest office.

Have you also noticed that more corrupt people have had their cases withdrawn from courts since last year than were convicted? No Attorney-General acts on his own in such matters. He acts on “orders from above.” Have you heard Jonathan disapproving of any of these measures? Apparently, columnists are supposed to clap for a President who gives tacit approval when corrupt people are set free. Why then complain about corruption?

That is only the appetiser, Dr Great; wait for the rest because you asked for it. Believe me, I would have left most of what will follow unwritten if people like you don’t insist that everybody must like Jonathan because you do. Or, should I stop?


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