There are some things that are relevant to all of us. I really want all the youth to pay attention, because I would like you to be like trees firmly planted by streams of water which yields its fruit in its season. Your leaves must never wither. You must all end up well married and successful in life. It is the knowledge you have of certain things, and the exposure to them that usually helps one to excel in life.

The truth? You can be single and not lonely. If by the Grace of God, you finally decide to get married, it will happen. You will go for the best, never settling for less. You do not have to be embarrassed or feel useless because you are not yet married. There is a man out there for you. We will discover today, that there are some things that you have been doing wrong. We will correct them together. Thank God it is not too late. It is never too late. Also, if you are in a relationship, there is a lot of room to improve yourself and put things right.

I keep asking this question, and it is really important that you get out of that place. Are you so hooked up with the fact that you have to get married that you have totally lost life’s worth? I want to address especially today those who are out of the university and are not hooked up yet. Listen to me! You are the best.

Your babe is on the way. My advice is that you live one day at a time, giving life your best, with your faith telling you that your tomorrow is taken care of. Never get to a place where you give up and think you are too old, you think you have expired and nothing good can happen to you. How old could you be to lose hope. Come on now!

Most of the young people today are getting out of university at the age their parents or grandparents were getting in. Life just had not started. So as fragile and tender as you are in age, you begin to feel old. Don’t do that to yourself. When old age comes. Its not you that would announce it. It announces itself. Even those of us who are your aunts and mums don’t agree with old age. Don’t let the fact that whatever you want has not happened make you lose your self esteem. You must know and always be aware that you have been fearfully and wonderfully made, and your time is coming.

Concerning these matters, some people are their own problems. They just don’t act right, they don’t look good. Some women are naturally gorgeous, I agree. Not too many. For instance, many women have to line their eyes, or it feels and looks like it is swollen. Do what suits you and whatever makes you look good.

For some, its an attitude problem. Go about life like you know someone is watching you. Some men are watching you. Some men might watch and study a woman for years without her knowledge before finally proposing, if she is well behaved. You have to look quality, talk quality and think quality.

In your entertainment and social life, watch what feeds your mind. Don’t be like a computer…Garbage in, garbage out. Decide on the places you go. You find the most useless men in the most useless places. Every man or woman has an idea of the kind of man or man or woman they want to marry. The signals you send out will attract its kind. If you try for instance to achieve godliness, a godly man will locate you.

There are some things a woman does that puts off a man. We have to be taught these things. You have to ask yourself.. “Are there things in my life that I have to work on?

Men don’t like women that are free with all men… that all men can touch her all over! If you are going to attract a husband, you have to have the qualities of a wife. One thing I do know is that most men do not like aggressive and domineering women. For some women, every man that shows a little interest, they see as a potential husband. That will scare any man away. If you treat every man like a friend and brother, you will win the heart of some man. Don’t see every man as a husband, see them as a friend. Don’t try too hard. If you are too serious, and looking or acting desperate, you will scare any man away. If you just talk to men anyhow, and you have no respect for every man around, no man will be attracted to you. They will actually be afraid of you, and conclude that you are not wife material.

Some women are just talkative. They talk a mile a minute. You cant get it right if you talk too much. You are ask her one question, she volunteers the story of her entire life. Any man loves challenges. It is that lovely, well behaved woman that everyone says is hard to get, that most men would want to marry.

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