By Kola Animasaun
The English know a rascal as a scoundrel.  Nothing more.  And you could think of him in any other way you know, not complimentary.

In Yoruba land and even in most Nigerian vernacular languages, do not joke by calling anyone a rascal. He will say you are insulting him and you would.

So Goodluck Jonathan, our President, has started his political campaign.  Stories say his campaign office was opened in Abuja.  He did go up to Nassarawa and he was last Tuesday in Ibadan, capital of Oyo State.

Oyo was supposed to take in Lagos and Ogun states.  It was that he gave the bombshell: “The zone will not be left to “rascals” to rule.”

He could not have spoken of anything else other than Lagos.  Specifically he “noted that Lagos State, being the commercial and industrial hub of the country, must be governed by the PDP.”

He said the party’s machinery would be legally deployed to ensure that the PDP governorship candidate in Lagos emerge victorious in April.

Jonathan could not have meant anybody else but Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu.  In the 2003 elections, he (Tinubu) was the only governor still standing after the fire of the PDP.  His party (whatever name he called it – AD or AC) was the only one standing.

Thanks to the cunning of Obasanjo and the fraudulent propensities of the PDP.  And thanks again to the single-mindedness of Tinubu, who fought a winning legal battle to win back the Ekiti and Osun governors – Fayemi and Aregbesola.

Of course, Goodluck did not forget the Ondo war which also had a support of Tinubu.  Goodluck remembers all this and says the PDP will do their best to recapture what “they lost” before.  The PDP did not lose it except that the AD or ACN forgot what they used to do.

Goodluck calls the ability to wrest victory from the jaw of a Dracula rascality and that will have to be.

I do not know who is who any more.  More particularly within the PDP of the West.  The first time there was news that Gbenga Daniel, Ogun State governor, won the primary with his group against Obasanjo, ex-President and BOT chieftain.

Again we are now hearing that Tunji Olurin and others in Obasanjo’s faction are now the winners and Gbenga with Lola Abiola-Edewor and others are the losers.  Didn’t we hear INEC witnessed Gbenga Daniel primaries?

With Alao-Akala, it was a ding-dong battle.  Now Alao-Akala has been de-listed from the governorship candidacy of Oyo State.  Don’t be surprised to hear something else.  Sullivan Chime of Enugu has been withdrawn from the list of candidates for the April governorship election.

Some people are working double time to change people’s fortunes.

How times fly!
On January, 1956 some of us went to school in Abeokuta Grammar School.  That was 55 years ago; and it was 50 years since we stepped out of the portals of the school.

And last Friday (11th of February, 2011) we called the remaining members of the school to give thanks to God for His mercies.  We went to school – not the one we used to – but all the same, it was a school.  School has moved to Idi-Aba.

Our school was at Igbein in Abeokuta and we learned all the necessary things we needed to learn.  We also learned to sing and to dance.  We learned to do sports and made friends that have lasted all this while.  We also played some harmless pranks.

We have been together from time to time – at 40 and now at 50 years.  We were at the 100 years anniversary that is 50 years before our advent.

How times have flown! Some of our friends have gone – I remember we lost a classmate at class II; another, a year at the end of that.  We lost a girl immediately after School Certificate; she died in far-away Russia – she was studying medicine.  Vivian Oluremi Robert, a colonel died in the war – not in the warfront but in the Ports of Lagos.

It has not been all deaths.  There are things to be grateful for.  There were professors, clergymen of note, education commissioners, bankers of note and industrialists, outstanding journalists and soldiers of note.

The boys and girls, almost all of them nearly 70 and some a few years over, went to school; partied and gave thanks for the gift of life.

To that I say: Many happy returns of the 50th Anniversary of Club 560!

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