By Kola Animashaun

By May 29, a new President and new governors will have been sworn in.  Of course, new legislators will be flying new flags. They would be in the Senate, the House of Representatives or the states’ Houses of Assembly. If everything goes as planned, that is.

The fighting for mandate to contest for the various parties is still going on. Thanks to the big boys who have wielded the big sticks.

It was no like before. The politicians have perfected the art to a fine point.

The delegates are designed to do out thousands of people.  Show a few people and bribe them to a stupidity.
The delegates do not need to know the electorate. It is important that they know themselves and they know the elector. I understand that in a constituency, some of the delegates went home with N30,000 each. Some of them top N100,000 a person depending on how big they are. It is now a cash-and-carry situation.

Nobody cares how much you know or what you will be able to deliver. No wonder, the legislators are now into real estates. They are the ones who can afford to be able to build them.

We have canvassed for Open secret balloting. But the open ballot is what they have turned what you are now seeing.  Whatever option we choose has to be transparent and will serve the down-trodden masses.

I thought I had seen all of it until now. In 2006, I wrote: “The real elections have been eliminated.  There is that curiosity called delegates. It has been streamlined that a few are making decision for the many.  The Nigerian politician has so much perfected his act that he has subjected the process to financial mathematics. I never got to know the delegates.  They also did no care about me.  In their financial calculation, I would be a hindrance rather than a help if I was allowed to intrude.”  I would talk about the morality of subjecting the good of many to the greed of the few.

I could wait for the benefits that would accrue to many.  And, that suits the Nigerian politician.  He can calculate his investment, maturation and profit instanta.

The helpless Nigerian delegate has sold his birthright for as little as N2,000 to as much as N250,000! No wonder, even life, precious life, has been and would still be taken for not keeping faith.

The Nigerian politician is putting no stops. He is putting everything including the rules of the drug rings and the cults.  God save this country”

My Golden Nights

By Prince Bola Ajibola

Prince Bola Ajibola will be 77 (precisely he was born March 22, 1934. I thought I knew him, but I did not know  him too well.

He was a Prince of Amoro and I had the idea that princes would be rich. He was not.

When he was preparing to go to London, his brothers could not provide him with 49.10 pounds sterling – the cost of a sailing boat to the UK.  He had to struggle to find the cost. A kind lady (Mama Kayode) loaned him 6 pounds to make up the ticket fee.

His father, the Gbadela Oba Abdul-Salam Ajibola, got a loan of 100 pounds for that “initial stage of my studying in London. I got the tag from my uncle, Hamid Adegbenro and the prince. And, I did not know how much they tried.”

This is the story of the Prince:
Preliminarily, I wish to start this paper with a phenomenon of night and day as we were exposed to in Geography.  On this planet, earth rotates on its axis once in every 365 days.  This is what gives the people in temperate climate their spring, summer, autumn and winter, both in the Northern and Southern hemispheres.  “It is also the cause of the rain all the year, round the equator.”  Being close to the equator, it gives us dry and rainy seasons.

Equally, this same planet, earth, revolves on its axis with 24 hours of one given day, thus creating night and day contemporaneously in different parts of the world depending on the side facing the sun (day) and the other part away from the sun (night).  The general concept of a given day at any given place on earth is that the period of the day light is meant for work and the period for the night is meant for resting and sleeping. At least that is the general understanding as a kind of human modus operandi.  Thus people wake up in the morning either early or late to start the day’s task and naturally go to sleep during the night time.

Having explained this practice of human behaviour, I now intend to dilate on my personal experience in life as a kind of intermittent aberration to this usual and general practice. In other words, let me say that right from the early part of my life, working or studying in the night gave me a golden advantage as regards my achievements and success in life. The story is long and tortuous but I think I should relate everything in order to assist the young ones coming behind me.

To be continued.

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