By Kola Animasaun
Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu has candour.
He is honest and straight-forward.  And, that is what you get from a man who tells you to your face why he would prefer this man to that man.

Tinubu told us that you must prefer a man who was well-born to anyone who will win a mandate.  In the cacophony that characterised the primaries, many who did not even lift hand got named.  There were many people we thought deserved to be nominated.  And, they failed.

And, we wondered why that should be the case.  The Asiwaju should have told us not to worry that he would use his own criteria to select his own men and women.

The Asiwaju did it once upon a time.  And, he did it well.  He once selected the man who became the rave of Lagos and Nigeria – Babatunde Raji Fashola.  I confronted him why he would prefer Fashola to some of politicians who were hanging to preside in Alausa.

He said Fashola was honest and would deliver. Fashola was a green horn – inexperienced and untested.  It is to his eternal glory that Fashola has succeeded beyond his (Tinubu) dreams.  And, the dreams of all of us.  No wonder he is going for a second term.  He was a curiosity and not a general item at this time.

Tinubu’s candour at this time rankles and it continues to cause resentment and bitterness.  He must have a way to play it down.

Appeasing the Ebora Owu
As I write this, the problem in the PDP in Ogun State persists.  Obasanjo will not compromise with Daniel on the list to INEC.
Of course, Goodluck Jonathan should know who the master is. In this case, the master is Obasanjo. He was the man who installed DSP and made Goodluck his deputy; the same man who ‘deposed’ DSP and made Jonathan the governor and finally coupled a frail Yar’Adua with Goodluck as a Federal President. Of course, Obasanjo has to exact his own pound of flesh.

So, Goodluck has to do all he could to please Obasanjo. So, he despatched even his Chief of Staff, Mike Oghiadome and the PDP National Secretary, Kawu Baraje, to plead with Obasanjo to share the spoils of office.

The Ebora Owu was livid and said the only one he would accept would be the one emanating from the primaries put together “by him in his private library in Abeokuta.”  He only conceded the Ogun East Senatorial seat which had already been picked by Daniel.

Nothing would persuade the messengers that Goodluck sent to Obasanjo to change his mind.  They returned to Aso Rock crestfallen to tell him Obasanjo will not play Ball.

So, how do you appease the Ebora Owu?

It is not politics
I have always said that politics have been responsible for some conflicts in the country.  It is not religion. The Redeemed Christian Church of God’s General Overseer, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has also said the same thing.

He spoke to the worldwide Cable News Network, African Voices.  Genuine Christians and Muslims “would not fight one another.”
Adeboye said “most of the crises are not really religious, it is politics.  Some politicians choose to use religion as a tool for their own ulterior motives.”

The foremost cleric said all Nigerians should decide who to rule over them for nobody was to blame if they failed to vote or participate in political programmes.

In my column of January 30, 1986, I wrote: “The true precept of Islam underlines unity and the message of the Qur’an does not admit of mundane political interpretations.  True, Islam does not enforce.  It enjoins persuasion and underlines the force of personal examples; it loathes cheating; it underlines respect – respect for the other’s point of view and the right to hold contrary views as long as they do not infringe on the other’s rights.

Umar, the Caliph, taught a lesson once in Jerusalem when he visited the victorious Muslims. He was in the church when the second prayer of the day became due.

The Bishop was all willing that the Caliph and the Muslims say their prayers inside the church, but the Caliph turned down the offer saying he had no intention to set a precedent which the Muslims might use on another future occasion.  Rather, he said his prayers on the steps of the church…”

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