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Who is Chukwuma Nwabara?

By Kola Animasun
I doubt there is someone like Rev. Chukwuma Nwabara in Kubwa, Abuja.  If he exists, he is trying to call attention to himself.  He is probably using the same tricks like the little-known American priest who called attention to himself that he would burn the Qur’an.
Of course, he did not burn the Qur’an and America and the world listened.  He came to the notice of the American President.

He must have circulated his bigotry to a few of his followers through which this got to me.

He wrote: “A good Christian can never vote for a Muslim this 2011 election because a Muslim is a great enemy to a Christian for that they will never smell this presidential seat for the next 20 years.”

This is a Sunday message given to all Christians by the said Rev. Nwabara  in “Abuja.”

I do not believe Chukwuma Nwabara is real.  But we should tell good Nigerians what has obtained and still continues to be true. There used to be a really true Federal Nigeria and there were Prime Ministers, Heads of State and Presidents.

There was an Abubakar Tafawa- Balewa (a Muslim); an Nnamdi Azikiwe (a Christian); a J. T. U. Ironsi (a Christian); Jack Gowon (a Christian); a Murtala Muhammed (a Muslim); an Olusegun Obasanjo (a Christian); a Shagari (a Muslim) and Muhammadu Buhari (a Muslim); an Ibrahim Babangida (a Muslim); an Ernest Shonekan (a Christian).

There was a Sani Abacha (a Muslim) and another Muslim in the person of Abdulsalami.  Abubakar. There was an Olusegun Obasanjo who keeps manifesting (also a Christian).  And, there was a Yar’Adua (a Muslim) and lucky Goodluck Jonathan (a Christian). J.S. Olawoyin and Joseph Sarwuan Tarka are some of the well-known politicians of Christian extraction in the North.

And, things have not changed neither in the federation or the states.  We had, in the Western Region, Chief Samuel Ladoke Akintola (Christian); Colonel Adekunle Fajuyi (Christian); Colonel and later Major- General Adeyinka Adebayo (Christian); and Brigadier-General Oluwole Rotimi (Christian).  In Lagos, we had Brigadier-General  Mobolaji Johnson (a Christian); Shamsideen Adekunle Lawal (Muslim); Lateef Jakande (Muslim); Gbolahan Mudasiru (don’t be deceived,  was neither a Christian nor a Muslim); Ndubuisi Kanu (a Christian); Mike Akhigbe (Christian) and Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Babatunde Raji Fashola (Muslims).

In places, you have some who are Muslims and some who are predominantly Christians.  We do not think of their religiosity; we concern ourselves with their politics.

We can see those who now want to fan the embers of religion for their selfish motives.  The government must see them for whatever they are. I have always held that even where there are flash points, politicians were at work.

Null  and Void
Lawyers and judges have some apt words to summarise their assumptions. In dismissing an appeal court, it said “the totality of the appeal is devoid of merit and is thereby dismissed.”  In those two words: devoid and merit, not only were their hope dashed, they were taken, not only out of the coolers, but were squashed for all time.

Lagos Boy and five others who had been convicted for corruption appealed against their two years of imprisonment in October 2009.
The court held that they have been properly convicted. They  were crest-fallen even if they are due to compete their sentences in a month’s time. This is because with that sentence, their hope for political activism was dashed with it.

Boy George would have to play it under the bushel for he would have no authority to hold brief for PDP. I understand that his wife who had had high hopes for his release broke down in tears and had to be consoled by friends and relatives.

Lagos Boy will head for the Supreme Court, says his counsel.  As it was the first time, there were crowds who were hoping he and his co-convicts would be sprung from jail and the drummers were hired in anticipation of a favourable judgment.
Lagos Boy will keep hope eternally aloft.  Who knows!

Stand up to Nigerian citizens – Letter from abroad
It is the responsibility of a responsible government to protect its citizen both at home and abroad.  Many cases abound wherein expatriate Nigerians in distress are completely abandoned even when their situation is due to no fault of theirs.

We are quick to imbibe Western culture but seem to pick and choose what aspect of Western culture we imbibe. Citizens from countries in the Western world would have their government stand up in their defence no matter what; even if they are charged with a crime abroad.

Not so with us.  We allow ours to languish as we maintain an attitude of “it is your entire fault.”

Of particular concern are cases of expatriate Nigerians who are subjected to intense harassment and blatant racial discrimination in the workplace.  Some of these cases shockingly involve international organisations. It has happened in the Commonwealth Secretariat and it has and continues to happen in other organisation including those that pride themselves in being United Nations agencies.
It is high time that our government imbibed the culture or standing up in defence of its citizens with such organisations.

It should be borne in mind that the treatment they receive in these agencies is a reflection of the level of regard those in charge of them have for our country.

It will indeed, be a big shame if we continue to allow our professionals to be shabbily treated with impunity.


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