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Superstitions galore

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There are many superstitious beliefs about the growth/growing of hair. These old-wives-tales have been around for so long, that most women tend to believe it hook, line and sinker!

For instance, continuously cutting your hair will make it grow faster and longer. Nothing could be further from the truth! I find a lot of women automatically trimming/cutting their hair immediately after a touch-up, and yet, they complain that the hair never seems to grow. In fact, some say their hair is stagnant. What do you expect when you cut off your acquired 1” of growth anytime you have a chemical application?

Let’s get one thing straight: there are 2 legitimate reasons why you should trim your hair so often.

Firstly, if you are trying to maintain your hair cut in a certain style, when the hair grows a little bit out of shape and definition, you will need to cut. This is especially noticed with precision cuts such as bobs.

Secondly, if you detect split ends, otherwise called ‘FRAGILITAS CRINIUM’, then you must trim. Split ends often occur at the ‘points’ of longish hair that has a tendency to be dry. Breaks may occur at any point along the length of the hair, but mostly at the tips. Though there is no real cure, strengthening conditioners are sometimes used to help. The only real answer is to cut off the ends, so that the hair does not split all the way down to the scalp. And it is NOT every time that chemical work results in split ends. Look closely at the hair-tips to see if any hair coming from the scalp splits into more than one. If it does, look for where the split starts and snip off at the precise point where splitting starts.

Most times, we confuse old hair with split ends; yes, hair at the tips tends to be the oldest on the head and therefore thinner. So if you see straggly ends that have become limp and lifeless, you are better of generally trimming it off. This will give your hair even [and healthy] length and make hair come alive. In fact, you will notice an increase in the rate of growth after trimming; and that’s because the straggly ends which are unhealthy and starved, do tend to monopolize all nutrients you consume through appropriate diet. Once cut, all the goodies meant for the hair, get to the hair.

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