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Sacred time; sacred space

By Debbie Ogunjobi
My favourite space is painted in cool shades of green (my favourite colour); the furniture is huge and more built for comfort than decoration.

The curtains are the exact shades of green as the walls and it is also my sacred space. The focal point is my Altar on which stands a light that never goes off and all other things that makes it a tranquil space for me to recharge and reload my energies for the day. The only people ever truly welcome there are those nearest and dearest as they know to treat the area with respect.

Everyone should have a little space carved out that is sacred and a retreat; that place your soul finds rest because all of the elements of joy and Holiness are consciously present. After a hard day of work and a long commute back and forth, I head straight for my sanctuary, kids in tow, to catch up with the day’s activities and have dinner before rounding up the day.

Someone had called me severally in the morning of one particular day and was complaining that I had not picked up the call when we came face to face later on in the day. Before I could reply, a close friend who was standing close by, started chuckling

“You called Miss grumpy in the morning? You should just have sent a text; she doesn’t talk to anyone till she’s full in the morning”.

I definitely did not agree that I was grumpy in the morning; if anything I am quite happy in the morning and I prefer to stay in that state for as long as possible before the world shatters the tranquillity by bringing different energies; not all good into my day. A perfect day would begin with a lie in; I just like to lie there and begin with a meditation and prayer. My sacred time continues with a lot of beautiful but rather loud music; so, I can’t even hear the phone ring anyway.

I totally understand that some people are driven by an urgency to get things done and I respect that; I just have a different way of life and it is more important to me to stay grounded in my peace for as long as possible. For a few years now, I have held true the belief that everything can wait, nothing is that urgent.  So, I take my time enjoying the beginnings and endings of my day, choosing not to be interrupted by a shrilling phone demanding attention it doesn’t have a right to.

Being full in my mind actually refers to three things. One can be full physically, full emotionally and full spiritually and my sacred space and time are engineered to make me full on all three levels before I have to leave the house and face the world. It is possible to get sucked in by the turmoil of the world and it begins with the news.

Most days one is inundated with graphic images of gore and horror happenings around the world; sometimes even right within one’s vicinity. I have also noticed that most people deal with bad news by spreading it as soon as they receive it; I know this because I used to do the same.

I remember some time last year telling my friend not to pick up a call when we were in Johannesburg I was sure would deliver bad news. We had spent all-night praying in a vigil and were just about to sleep when the phone rang.  I had instinctively known it was bad news and the euphoria of the vigil was shattered by the news which sent us scrambling for the rest of the day. It may be seen as denial on some level but I chose to see it as a postponement for better composure.

It takes a certain level of growth and maturity to realise the need for space and time to reload and rejuvenate. In the mad scramble that can actually be the nature of most days, it is important we find time to reconnect with our three  selves so that we are grounded.

By our three selves, I respectfully refer to the body, the mind and the spirit. I have found that any disconnection between the three  makes me a basket case and even worse makes me unproductive and far from pleasant. Funny thing is, the more technology makes talking easier, the less I want to. My basic reason is that I never remember where I put the ear-pieces/ headphones and putting a hot instrument (mobile phone) next to my ear makes conversations very uncomfortable.

Lately, I have also discovered staying up when the entire world is asleep in quiet contemplation listening to good music, a lot of fun; the only bad part is getting hungry at 3 a.m. The most enlightened individuals are those who can actually make every place sacred and every time tranquil. I am not there yet, but some day soon, I hope to be; still very much work in progress


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