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NASS: Sack them all – 2

By Dele Sobowale
“0703-775-3332Dele, the greatest threat to the collapse of this Fourth Republic is this gang of legislators. These are a bunch of rapacious, greedy, shameless and unrepentant enemies of democracy.

Little wonder, whenever a coup takes place they are usually the first casualty. Dele, why are you not taking them on, on their penchant for aggregating to them selves the undeserved salaries and allowances at the expense of the poor masses?

Or, are you not surprised that the deluge of strikes going on in the country is as a result of what they see these vampires accrue to themselves as take-home-pay. I can assure you,if this republic collapses, as I am afraid, it should be as a result of these unpatriotic bunch….the danger signals are frightening for us to be silent. KATO. Gwagwalada.

Dear Kato, the first part of this series came out last week. In fact, it was written before your text message came through. I have reproduced almost everything you wrote in that text. I only edited to conserve space since the idea remains intact.

The only people in Nigeria today who will disagree with your submissions are the legislators themselves and those benefiting from the situation we at present experiencing. To paraphrase Bernard Malamud, in THE FIXER, for a sick nation, any attempt to cure it of its sickness is an affront to those benefiting from its illness.

The National Assembly, as well as virtually all our State Houses of Assembly are in the grip of the most vicious individuals masquerading as politicians. That is the chief reason for my call last week on all Nigerians to vote out any member of the National Assembly seeking re-election. We owe this to ourselves.

And, if we fail to send David Mark and Dimeji Bankole home, we will deserve whatever insults they heap on us from 2011 onwards.

As for me, I have made up my mind that, irrespective of political party which he/she represents, no member of the present National Assembly will receive my vote.

With respect to the possible collapse of the fourth republic, let me hasten to point out that, while it will amount to a great setback to the entrenchment of democracy in the country, I only hope it will usher in a better Nigeria.

As it is, the prodigal sons and daughters representing themselves in the NASS will surely destroy the economic, political and social fabric of Nigeria, sooner rather than later. As an economist, I know that what does not make economic sense in any nation eventually leads to disaster.

Even the advanced countries, USA, Britain, now Greece, Ireland and perhaps Portugal, are facing the harsh realities of unsustainable public policies.

If countries where politicians are held accountable can fall prey to instability on account of  economic errors of judgment, what are the chances of our own country where politicians are not only their own grave diggers, but they are actively digging our own tombs as well?

When the National Assembly reportedly gulps one quarter of overhead budget annually, one needs no education in economics to understand that infrastructure – power, roads, hospital, ICT, education, transportation (especially railways) — will remain under-developed while Mark, Bankole and Co wine and dine at the expense of present and future generations of Nigeria. You call them unpatriotic; you are being polite. .

Meanwhile, one Eseme Eyiboh, who was called the House Spokesman in THE PUNCH of November 30, 2010 called those opposed to the proposed amendment “selfish.” Well, the man started the insult. So, let me join him in calling all those in the NASS supporting the proposal as “idiotic.” And, the reason is simple. Out of over 55 political parties in the country only PDP, ANPP, Labour and ACN have members in the legislative houses nationwide.

How does this proposal, if passed into law, apply to the other political parties without legislators at the moment? For God sake, who sent such people to the NASS?


It generally takes some time when people had taken leave of their collective senses for them to regain it. Two weeks, at Osun State, we received a glimmer of hope that commonsense is beginning to prevail in the polity. Governor Rauf Aregbesola of that state asked that he should no be addressed as Your Excellency. Instead, he preferred Mr or Ogbeni. Great! I hope those caught in delusions of grandeur got the message.

Thank you Ogbeni Aregbesola; may your reign be long and fruitful. You are really excellent. Unfortunately, those with slave-mentality among us continue to address Aregbesola as EXCELLENCY. Now, you know why there was slave trade. Even with the benefit of education Nigerians are still mentally slavish!!!

“True worth and virtue conceals itself”.
Fyodor Dostoyevsky, 1821-188, in POOR PEOPLE
Ilaramokin, 2C, Ondo State is set to become one of the fastest growing communities in Nigeria. By the way, 2C means “second capital” because the indigenes of the town have long believed that their community is the alternate capital to Akure – the current capital.

And, indeed, if Ilaramokin becomes famous worldwide within the next 20 years, one self-effacing but highly committed man would have made all the difference in transforming this sleepy community to a bursting metropolis. The one tree making a forest in Ilaramokin is Chief Michael Ade-Ojo, Chairman, Toyota Nigeria Limited, as well as several companies too numerous to mention.

Yet, for all his wealth and contributions to society, few people have heard of him or know him. That will soon change, however, as the philanthropist and entrepreneur is set to complete a “double” in Ilaramokin, 2C. First, he is racing to complete the Elizade Univerrsity and an 18-hole golf course with a five-star hotel and resort centre attached, at Ilaramokin, 2C, next year.

For a start, the two projects will create 10,000 jobs directly and over 50,000 indirectly in the first year alone. Thereafter, the sky is not even the limit. Within five years 20,000 new housing units will be required in Ilaramokin and surrounding communities just to accommodate the influx of new workers and fortune-seekers trooping to Ilaramokin, 2C. This is only the introduction to a remarkable Nigerian life, yet unnoticed, which should serve as a role model for all of us.

N.B. Do you know of others? Let me have their names. No 419ers, please, or people with dubious wealth.


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