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Eat clean for diabetes

Body Perfect 101: “If you have no time for complete and balanced nutrition, you have already reserved a lot of time for illness.”

Diabetes: A degenerative disease strongly linked to long-term diet of over-load of highly processed carbohydrates and sugar, and lack of fibre. It’s a vicious cycle disease, in which poor fat and sugar metabolism lead to obesity; which then leads to diabetes.

The cycle keeps going. Diabetes makes you want to eat more; so symptoms are aggravated as well as brought on by eating too much fat, too many sugary foods and too much fast food (especially caffeine and alcohol). This type of diet overworks then damages the pancreas. Consequently, your body loses ability to produce or use insulin correctly, the hormone that helps convert food into energy.

As simple carbohydrates and sugar cease to be metabolized, they accumulate in the body and are stored as fat. Excess body fat and lack of exercise bring on insulin resistance, so less energy is moved into the cells.

Type 2 diabetes produces insulin but it isn’t used properly (insulin resistance). Type 1 diabetes, a juvenile condition is more severe and almost entirely dependant on insulin to sustain life.


Type 2: Largely non-insulin dependant

– Always thirsty? Does the person urinate too often?

– Do cuts and bruises heal slowly?

– Does the person experience frequent infections?

– Has the person lost weight?

– Constantly tired or drowsy?

– Does the person experience leg cramps, or prickling in fingers or toes?

– Has the person experienced episodes of impotence?

Type 1: Insulin Dependant

– Is the person unusually thirsty?

– Urinate too often?

– Is the person extremely hungry?

– Unusually wanting to eat?

– Is the person unusually tired, lethargic, drowsy and irritable?

– Does the person have unusual trouble learning?

– Has the person lost weight lately for no reason?

– Do cuts and bruises heal slowly?


Diet improvement is absolutely necessary to overcoming diabetes. Don’t skip meals. Most diabetes should eat six mini-meals a day, especially if they are on insulin therapy.

Before commencing “clean eating” for diabetes, it is advisable to do a 1-3 day FAT AND SUGAR CLEANSING. Your diet should be low in fats but packed with calories and largely vegetarian; rich in good fats like olive and canola oil, proteins from un-roasted nuts and green super-foods. You also need foods from vegetable sources like soy and whole grains.

Vegetables, in particular, supply slow-burning complex carbohydrates that do not need much insulin for metabolism therefore, preventing rapid blood-sugar spikes. Fifty to sixty per cent of your diet should consist of fresh or simply cooked vegetables.

1. Eliminate sugars, alcohol, fried, fatty, refined carbohydrate and high cholesterol foods. Avoid cow milk, especially, and all fatty dairy foods.

2. Avoid caffeine and caffeine foods (except Oolong tea or green tea), hard liquor, food colourings and sodas. Even diet soda has phen-y-lala-nine that can affect blood sugar levels.

3. Sweeten with stevia herb instead of sugar of honey. Stevia doesn’t have sugar insulin requirements and reduces food cravings.

4. High fibre foods are a key; and, in mild cases, can lead to discontinuation of insulin therapy. Fibre improves control of glucose metabolism, lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels and promotes weight loss. Poor bio-chemistry often results from being over-weight. Use a fibre-filled weight loss drink or powder.

5.Chromiumrich foods are vital.

6. A daily green salad with Omega-3 flat oil dressings for EPAs.

7.A bottle of “Body Perfect Cleansing and Healing Cocktail” daily will go a long way to help you.

Follow the Glycemix Index (G.I.) to stabilize blood-sugar. The Glycemix Index measures magnitude of blood-sugar response to different foods.

It is not only diabetics who should strive to maintain blood-sugar stability. This strategy applies to all who want optimal health.

Low glycemix diet gradually changes your body towards optimum performance. Avoid the high glycemix list and eat heartily from low-glycemix filled foods.

Fish, eggs and whey protein isolates are not included because they are all low-glycemix. When eaten together with high-glycemix foods, they might help lower overall glycemix index of the meal.

High-Glycemix Foods: They lead to 60 100% spiking of blood-sugar and insulin. Avoid these foods. (Eat occasionally e.g. once a week).

White bread 72%

Whole wheat 69%

Corn meal -68%

Doughnut -76%

Croissant -67%

Cakes -94%

Corn flakes -83%

Rice crispies -82%

Cheerios -74%

Flavoured oat meal -66%

White rice -92%

Couscous -65%

Water melon -72%

Pineapple -65%

Dates -99%

Baked Irish potato -83%

Cooked Irish potato -90%

Canned juice -72%

Sodas -72%

Graham crackers -74%

Plantain chips -61%

Potato chips -62%

Short bread -64%

Honey -90%

Carrots (cooked) -85%

Banana -65%

Chocolate -70%

Sweet corn (canned) -70%

Beer -100%

Fried plantain (Dodo) -80%

Low GI Foods (eat frequently); vegetables cabbage, garlic, ginger, green vegetable, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, broccoli, bell peppers (all colours) 10%

Grape fruit -20%

Soya beans (cooked) -20%

Brown beans -30%

Skimmed milk -30%

Carrots (raw) -35%

Orange (whole) -35%

Plain yoghurt -35%

Pears -35%

Special K cereal -54%

Oat meal original -52%

All bran -44%

Spaghetti -41%

Brown rice -50%

Sweet potato -50%

Whole meal bread -50%

Yams -51%

Pineapple juice -46%

Herbal tea (Oolong, green tea)0%

Water -0%

Oat meal cookies – 55%

Fructose -23%

Body works: Don’t smoke; nicotine increases desire for sugary foods.

Exercise: Walking is best for diabetics; it increases metabolism and reduces need for insulin.

Avoid Phe-ny-lala-nine: No Nutra sweet or Aspartame products found in diet sodas and sugar-free gum. It may trigger diabetes.

Get 8 hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation increases diabetes complications.

Detox: This is the missing link in most people’s desire for health and beauty.

Detox Solution:

1. MIRACLE DETOX: This is a cleansing programme that helps rid your system of free radicals and increases liver function. It is also good for jump starting any weight-loss programme. (You can lose as much as 7kg in seven days. It also helps to remove/reduce any tumour growth in the stomach).

2. BROWN RICE PROTEIN DETOX DIET (30-DAY PROGRAMME): Strictly for WEIGHT LOSS and POST-PREGNANCY WEIGHT GAIN; especially stomach and Caesarean session tummy bulge.

3. 30-day Beach Body/Detox: Lose up to 18kg

4. 48-HOUR DETOX: This is used to flush fat, reduce bloat and water weight and helps to restore metabolism and glowing complexion. (It is also a quick and healthy way to drop as much as 4-5 kg in 48 hours).

6 reasons to drink the “Body Perfect Cleansing & Healing Cocktail, NOW WITH MILK THISTLE”

1. It is an ENERGIZER: It helps to fight fatigue, wards off stress and provides energy boosts to the entire body.

2. IT IS A DETOXIFIER: It rids the body of toxins, thereby ensuring cleansed and invigorated liver.

3. IT IS A BLOOD-SUGAR STABILIZER: It helps to steady blood-sugar, which curbs your appetite and prevents fatty deposits that are part of insulin resistance.

4. IT IS A DIURETIC: It helps to de-waterlog the tissues and eliminates excess water weight.

5. IT IS A CHOLESTEROL ZAPPER: It helps to rid the body of bad cholesterol; thereby balancing ratio of “good” and “bad” cholesterol.

6. IT IS A THERMOGENIC: It helps to raise body temperature; thereby helping it to burn fat efficiently rather than storing it as fat.


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