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Do we need to say more?

By Kola Animasaun
I have, as well as others, advocated the parliamentary system. It can be less expensive to run. You can take your ministers from the rank of legislators. Of course, they will be answerable to parliaments and they can be sacked and replaced as the need arises.

Of course, the Prime Minister is what it says: First among equals.  Parliamentary system does not duplicate functions as we do in the presidential system with its Senate and Representatives; ministers and other handlers.

In our own case, we fix our own salaries. And, they have gone beyond reasonable limits. We have also advocated part-time legislators. In the US and some other democracies, they do not earn the level of salaries as in this country.

Many Nigerians are now looking for legislative jobs as an alternative duties. No wonder that for a legislative job there are at least 100 queuing up. No wonder there are deaths as a result of fighting who gets what.

The other day, Junaid Mohammed, former Minority Leader in the House of Representatives and current National Chairman, People’s Salvation Party (PSP), disclosed that each member of the National Assembly earned N290 million yearly. No wonder people want to die at elections.

He said: “Do you know that it costs tax-payers N290 million yearly to maintain each member of our National Assembly in a country where 80 per cent of the population earns below N300 a day?

“A working day earning of a Senator in Nigeria is more than the yearly income of a doctor; it is more than the salaries of 42 Army generals or 48 professors or 70 commissioners of police or twice more than the pay of the US President or nine times the salary of a U.S. congressman.”  Do we need to say more?

No one denies a young man, 23, was shot and wounded. No one denies a policemen was responsible for shooting him.  If anything, the policemen said he had been dismissed.

Clement Aboagye Rasheed, the victim’s father, witnessed the ruling. Orderly Room Trial of Gbenga Fashola by the Police Command Provost on June 8 and Fashola was ‘dismissed’.

Rasheed Snr reported: The Provost read out the judgment and said: “Fashola has been dismissed because he has been found guilty,” beyond all reasonable doubts; that he wrongfully used arms when he was not supposed to use it and his action was contrary to police rules and regulation.

The Provost said apart from Fashola’s dismissal, he was to be prosecuted for attempted murder.
Rasheed shot a defenceless Jubril with bullets he fired in the Sabo Police Station in Abeokuta, in Ogun State last May.  By the action, it tore “through Rasheed’s buttocks hitting his genital.”

On May 11, Rasheed was shot twice on the suspicion that his elder brother was befriending a hairdressing apprentice said to be close to the policeman.

Put wonder of wonders!  Gbenga Fashola has now been promoted a corporal and he has recently been seen in Abeokuta at a church on Quarry Road testifying to the goodness of God – testifying to a large congregation. He has been reinstated and promoted.

A reporter said: “But based on the rumour, I went to the Sabo Police Station (on November 29).  To my astonishment, I met him (Fashola) wearing his new rank.”
The police insisted Fashola had been dismissed.

A police spokesman, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, a Deputy Superintendent, challenged Rasheed to prove his allegation.

And, I ask: “Which one: his dismissed or his new rank?  Adejobi has said: “He who alleges must prove. Let the father of the boy show a photograph of the officer (Fashola) in his new rank.

Can he tell the court Fashola has been charged – for manslaughter.

I will like more details so that we can come to the bottom of it.

And, the news break: Fashola was re-arrested during the week.  We await the outcome of this fresh investigation.


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