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The least stressful hair style

I am searching for the hair style that could be rightly called the least stressful. Women are busier than ever; and they need to combine convenience and practicality with good-looking hair. Of course, there are styles that last even up to 3 months, such as braids. You can also wear a weave for up to 10 weeks if you wished. But how stressful is the procedure?

Take braids for instance. Yes, some have been known to wear their braids for 5-6 months at a stretch. The only reason they continually postponed the taking-out of the braids, was the thought of sitting through another 6-8 hours of the braiding process. Remember that the number of hours you will spend braiding is determined by your threshold for pain. If you are not fussy, then I suppose you can handle 4 people braiding, pulling and tugging from four different directions at the same time, all in a bid to be done in 3-4 hours. If you are fussy, then I suppose it is 10 hours for you with only one braider to torture you. So, considering the number of hours one spends to ‘install’ braids, can we really say it is not stressful because one will wear it for more than 3 months?

And if you think going natural is not stressful, you thought wrong! If you are sporting low-cut hair, you need to keep clean lines, especially around the edges; and you need to keep hair in ‘shape’. Once hair grows out of shape, it looks unkempt. So, this means visits to your barber every 2 weeks to maintain a certain length so that the cut keeps its’ shape. Can this be said to be not stressful?

Least stressful means that the process of installing the hair style must not be stressful; it also means while you wear it, it must be zero-maintenance or something close to that. If you are hot-ironing your hair every day, it must be stressful, especially if you truly don’t have a choice about it. Don’t be fooled about dreadlocks either; ask those who wear them. When you have locks done for the first time, they never tell you how many hours you need to invest in twisting, twisting and continually twisting the hair, till it finally ‘locks’. Then you decide to shampoo and your problems start anew.

Now you see why I started this search. I’m waiting to hear from you all.

Thanks for reading; do make the week great!


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